Consumer unit (CU)

Consumer unit (CU),

Definition of Consumer unit (CU):

  1. An apparatus in the electrical supply at the point it enters a domestic property, which contains devices such as a switch and circuit-breakers.

  2. For the purpose of estimating consumer expenditure, a CU may comprise of (1) all members of a household related by blood, or by a legal arrangement such as marriage or adoption, (2) financially independent individual living alone, sharing a house, as a roomer in a private home, or in living quarters of a hotel or motel, or (3) two or more individuals living together, pooling their income, and jointly making expenditure decisions.

How to use Consumer unit (CU) in a sentence?

  1. Of course - always take care when messing with the electric in your house - always switch off the mains supply at the consumer unit or fusebox - and never mix plaid and stripes, even when youre doing little jobs around the house.

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