Consumer Telematics

Consumer Telematics

Consumer telematics consists of vehicle-oriented information and communication technologies (ICT for vehicles) and end-user-oriented services. Connected consumer vehicles provide automotive services such as emergency assistance, Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation, traffic information, local search (for example, to recharge or restaurants) and concierge services.

Literal Meanings of Consumer Telematics


Meanings of Consumer:
  1. The one or the one who consumes.

  2. A person who, as an individual, exchanges money for goods or services.

  3. (comprehensive) The customer base for a product, service or company.

  4. An organism (heterotrophic) that uses other organisms as food for energy.

Sentences of Consumer
  1. This new system favors the consumer over the producer.

  2. Our consumers are on the rise and belong to the middle class.


Meanings of Telematics:
  1. The science of sending, receiving and storing information using telecommunications equipment.

  2. Use of global positioning system technology integrated with computers and mobile communication technologies.

Sentences of Telematics
  1. Telematics is often used in road vehicles.

Consumer Telematics