Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection,

How To Define Consumer Protection?

Laws that protect consumers from unsafe or defective products, fraudulent marketing techniques, unscrupulous businesses, etc.

Literal Meanings of Consumer Protection


Meanings of Consumer:
  1. People who buy goods and services for personal use.

  2. The person or object that eats or uses something.

  3. Heterotrophs are the energy they need from the use of organic compounds and other organisms.

Sentences of Consumer
  1. Understanding what motivates consumers is more important than ever

  2. The largest users of rye are the Scandinavians

Synonyms of Consumer

purchaser, buyer, customer, shopper


Sentences of Protection
  1. Vitamin B protects against infections.

Synonyms of Protection

defence, shielding, shelter, preservation, conservation, safe keeping, safeguarding, safety, security, sanctuary, refuge, lee, immunity, insurance, indemnity