Consumer Debt

Consumer Debt,

Consumer Debt: What is the Meaning of Consumer Debt?

  • You can define Consumer Debt as, The money that people borrow in the form of bank loans or retail sales agreements, such as buy now and pay later.

Literal Meanings of Consumer Debt


Meanings of Consumer:
  1. People who buy goods and services for personal use.

  2. Someone or something that eats or uses something.

  3. Organisms that derive essential organic compounds and energy from the use of other heterotrophic organisms.

Sentences of Consumer
  1. Understanding what motivates consumers is more important than ever

  2. The largest consumer of wheat is Scandinavia

Synonyms of Consumer

customer, purchaser, shopper, buyer


Synonyms of Debt

outstanding payment, tally, account, bill, financial obligation, amount due, money owing