Consumer credit

Consumer credit,

Definition of Consumer credit:

  1. Credit advanced to consumers for the purchase of goods or services.

  2. Credit given by shops, banks and other financial institutions to consumers so that they can buy goods.

How to use Consumer credit in a sentence?

  1. Consumer credit as a percentage of disposable income stood at a near record high of 21.1%.

Meaning of Consumer credit & Consumer credit Definition

Consumer Credit,

Consumer Credit Meanings:

  1. Consumer credit is personal debt that arises when purchasing goods and services. A credit card is a form of consumer credit.

    • Installment loans are used for a specific purpose and are spent over time.
    • Revolving credits are outstanding loans that can be used for any purchase.
    • Loss of revolving credit is a fee for those who fail to pay the full balance each month and continue to incur additional interest costs.
    • According to experts, the average American has a credit card balance of ، 6,200 in 2019.

  2. Also known as personal loans or personal loans. Loans to consumers through financial institutions for domestic or personal use

Literal Meanings of Consumer Credit


Meanings of Consumer:
  1. People who buy goods and services for personal use.

  2. The person or object that eats or uses something.

  3. Heterotrophs are the energy they need with the consumption of organic compounds and other organisms.

Sentences of Consumer
  1. Understanding what motivates consumers is more important than ever

  2. The largest users of rye are the Scandinavians

Synonyms of Consumer

customer, shopper, purchaser, buyer


Meanings of Credit:
  1. A consumer's ability to receive goods or services before payment is based on the belief that payment will be made in the future.

  2. The identity or definition of the public, usually given or received, becomes clear when one is responsible for an action or ideology.

  3. Confirmation that the student has completed a course or activity that counts for the declared diploma or diploma in the school records

  4. Publicly recognizing someone as a production participant (something that has been published or broadcast)

Sentences of Credit
  1. Want to include columns on each page. And the total cost is equal to the total credit

  2. The president claims to have acknowledged all the achievements

Synonyms of Credit

glory, regard, praise, solvency, adulation, respect, impute, depend on, approbation, give credence to, veneration, merit, rely on, set down, count on, acclaim, accept, admiration, tributes, trust, plausibility, believe, credibility, put down, kudos, assign