Definition of Consumables:

  1. (of an item for sale) intended to be used up and then replaced.

  2. Consumables are goods used by individuals and businesses that must be replaced regularly because they wear out or are used up. They can also be defined as the components of an end product that is used up or permanently altered in the process of manufacturing such as semiconductor wafers and basic chemicals.

  3. A commodity that is intended to be used up relatively quickly.

  4. Goods which (1) used up (not returned) after issuance from stores, (2) become incorporated into other goods and loose their identity, or (3) cannot be used for their intended purpose without extinguishing or transforming their substance.

  5. Stocks of companies that make consumables are considered safe harbors for equity investors when the economy shows signs of weakness. The reasoning is simple: People always need to purchase groceries, clothes, and gas no matter what the state of the broad economy.

Synonyms of Consumables

Edible, Safe to eat, Fit to eat, Fit to be eaten, Fit for human consumption

How to use Consumables in a sentence?

  1. Pizza, burgers, hot dogs, sodas, cookies, candy and other consumables high in fat, sugar and sodium can lead to obesity, heart conditions and sometimes even death.
  2. They would soon become consumables in the market and that made me a bit unhappy because I really valued their originality.
  3. When I was cleaning out my refrigerator, I found a few consumables that were getting ready to expire unless I cooked them quickly.
  4. You will have to pay for consumable materials, such as butane gas canisters.
  5. Drugs and other medical consumables.
  6. Consumables are also called non-durable or soft goods, and they are the opposite of durable goods. .
  7. Online retailers often make hefty profits by selling consumables—Amazon reported that sales in consumables topped $10 billion in 2018.
  8. Companies that make consumables needed for day-to-day living (food and clothing, for example) are usually considered safe investments in any economic environment.

Meaning of Consumables & Consumables Definition