Consultar Saldo Oi

Consultar Saldo Oi

How do I consult Hi-Credit? ۔

I have a cell phone that I can use to check my promotional balance ... and I want to check the balance.

Someone help me, please.

Consult menu OI, balance and OI card. For more information contact OI via your OI * 144 or on landline 1057 League  Ã Ã £ à toll or toll free .. OK

* 804 Main Balance.

* 805 promotional credit

It's worth taking

Go to Menu> Tools> Hi World> Hello Services> Balance> then select If you want © Hi Account, Hi Control or © کارڈ Hi Card (Prepaid), you will receive your credit worthy messages, of bare value. Credit and how much you refill are not useful this month. Or drum beat string * 805, easy! Easter helps!

Note: Examples of the above menus, tools, etc ... For Motorola v3, if you get for other phone models then Hi World is not yours, why or just relax!

Consultar Saldo Oi