Definition of Consultant:

  1. A senior hospital doctor in a specific field.

  2. Experienced professionals who provide expert knowledge (often a charming name) for a fee. He acts exclusively as a consultant and is not generally responsible for the outcome of the consultation. Some mentors (such as Peter Docker and W. Edward Deming) have dramatically changed the way people think about leadership positions and improved organizational performance.

  3. Someone who provides expert advice in a professional manner.

Synonyms of Consultant

Specialist, Guide, Sharp, Admirable Crichton, Artist, Backseat driver, Statesman, Advisor, Crack shot, Diplomatist, Journeyman, Dead shot, Adviser, Admonisher, Pro, Attache, Guide, Buttinsky, Connoisseur, Handy man, Teacher, Instructor, Diplomat, Professor, Connaisseur, Kibitzer, Counsel, Graduate, Craftsman, Technician, Dutch uncle, Meddler, Orienter, Marksman, No slouch, Technical adviser, Senior doctor, Preceptist, Polonius, Expert, Mentor, Experienced hand, Cordon bleu, Authority, Monitor, Artisan, Adept, Savant, Elder statesman, Adviser, Professional, Counsellor, Physician, Nestor, Specialist, Confidant, Proficient, Doctor, Counselor, Politician, Shark, Expert consultant

How to use Consultant in a sentence?

  1. I didn't want to hire anyone full time, so I decided to hire an expert consultant for this type of project.
  2. If you are unsure of a particular answer or want a second opinion on an idea, you can hire a consultant.
  3. I hired consultants to help me find ways to improve the workflow in my small business and motivate my employees.
  4. Pediatric consultant.
  5. He served as a presidential campaign adviser.

Meaning of Consultant & Consultant Definition

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  1. Advising a company, person, etc. on the development of expert plans and the achievement of goals.

Meanings of Consultant

  1. Someone who provides professional advice.

  2. Senior doctor at a hospital in a specific area.

Sentences of Consultant

  1. Working as a presidential campaign adviser

  2. Children's counselor


Consultant Definition:

Definition of Consultant: Specialists are paid through companies, individuals, etc. Advise on project development and achievement of goals.


Consultant means,

  1. An expert is hired by companies, individuals, etc. Advise on project development and achievement of goals.

Meanings of Consultant

  1. The person who provides valuable advice.

  2. A senior doctor in a hospital in a specific feature.

Synonyms of Consultant

maven, ace, whizz, wizard, hotshot, pundit