Definition of Constructive:

  1. It refers to mathematical evidence, or shows that an institution can, in principle, be built or acquired in a limited number of stages.

  2. It is not clear whether specific results were obtained by applying the law.

  3. It serves the useful purposes that come together.

  4. It is assumed that something is legally effective, but not necessarily effective.

  5. An action, event or knowledge that has been legally declared (subject to the law) (based on the end of the situation) that has occurred or exists, even if it has not occurred.

Synonyms of Constructive

Descriptive, Deduced, Derived, Practicable, Diagnostic, Serviceable, Creative, Virtual, Beneficial, Furthersome, Inventive, Of use, Symptomatological, Therapeutic, Productive, Definitional, Inferential, Contributory, Tropological, Aidful, Interpretable, Salutary, Inferred, Formative, Conducive, Useful, Practical, Remedial, Originative, Semeiological, Demiurgic, Causative, Interpretational, Hermeneutic, Exegetic, Implicit, Good for, Profitable, Helpful, Helpful, Interpretive, Construable, Positive, Encouraging, Advantageous, Renderable, Positive, Ratiocinative, Useful, Generative, Constructional

How to use Constructive in a sentence?

  1. He started solving this problem for N = 2 when he found constructive evidence for limited bases for binary farms.
  2. Constructive criticism.
  3. Constructive responsibility

Meaning of Constructive & Constructive Definition