Constructive notice

Constructive notice,

Definition of Constructive notice:

  1. The law that is required (or required) by law and that one can obtain through general and reasonable research. For example, the buyer of a property (or a property affiliated with a registered or incorporated company) is required to know the legal status of the property (or business) from the documents available for public inspection.

  2. Notice of litigation in newspapers which is considered by law to be an appropriate notice for interested parties. See also actual and implicit information.

How to use Constructive notice in a sentence?

  1. ABC was constructively disappointed to learn that the car had been purchased from shift car dealers, Inc.
  2. You want to make sure you know what the construction review says and what the details are.
  3. The client constructively stated the time of arrival to inspect the property.

Meaning of Constructive notice & Constructive notice Definition