Definition of Construction:

  1. Law: Construing, discovering, inferring, and interpreting the intention, meaning, and/or significance of a document, instrument, or statement.

  2. The building of something, typically a large structure.

  3. General: Clearing, dredging, excavating, and grading of land and other activity associated with buildings, structures, or other types of real property such as bridges, dams, roads.

Synonyms of Construction

Building, ■■■■■■■■, Putting up, Setting up, Raising, Establishment, Assembly, Manufacture, Fabrication, Forming, Fashioning, Contriving, Creation, Making, Acronym, Acrostic, Adjectival phrase, Anatomy, Architectonics, Architecture, Arrangement, Assemblage, Assembly, Avyayibhava, Back formation, Build, Building, Buildup, Casting, Clause, Clipped word, Combination, Composition, Compound, Conformation, Conjugate, Constitution, Construct, Conversion, Crafting, Craftsmanship, Creation, Cultivation, Definition, Description, Design, Devising, Diagnosis, Dvandva, Dvigu, Edifice, Elaboration, Embodiment, Endocentric compound, ■■■■■■■■, Establishment, Exegesis, Exocentric compound, Explanation, Explication, Expose, Exposition, Expression, Extraction, Fabric, Fabrication, Fashion, Fashioning, Forging, Form, Format, Formation, Forming, Formulation, Frame, Framing, Getup, Growing, Handicraft, Handiwork, Harvesting, Headed group, House, Idiom, Idiotism, Incorporation, Interpretation, Junction, Locution, Machining, Make, Makeup, Making, Manner of speaking, Manufacture, Manufacturing, Meaning, Milling, Mining, Mixture, Mold, Molding, Noun phrase, Organic structure, Organism, Organization, Packaged house, Paragraph, Paronym, Pattern, Patterning, Peculiar expression, Period, Phrasal idiom, Phrase, Physique, Piecing together, Pile, Plan, Prefab, Prefabrication, Preparation, Processing, Producing, Production, Putting together, Pyramid, Raising, Reading, Refining, Sentence, Set phrase, Setup, Shape, Shaping, Skyscraper, Smelting, Spoonerism, Standard phrase, Structure, Structuring, Superstructure, Syneresis, Syntactic structure, Synthesis, Tatpurusha, Tectonics, Term, Texture, Tissue, Tower, Turn of expression, Turn of phrase, Usage, Utterance, Verb complex, Verb phrase, Verbalism, Warp and woof, Way of seeing, Way of speaking, Weave, Web, Word form, Word-group, Workmanship

How to use Construction in a sentence?

  1. When you are set to open a new office you will hope that the construction finishes quickly so that you can move in.
  2. There was a skyscraper under construction.
  3. The construction that was experienced by the new firm was too drastic for any work to be done at the office.
  4. The carpenters were excited about how the construction of the new mall was nearing completion and how they could finally admire their finished building.

Meaning of Construction & Construction Definition

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