Constructibility Review

Constructibility Review,

What is Constructibility Review?

Review of construction design documents to identify potential difficulties, conflicts, and shortcomings that may arise from a planned building or construction. This review may be general in nature or may focus on identifying a specific type of issue, such as an environmental or safety issue.

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Meanings of Review:
  1. Regular review or review of an item with the intent or intention of making a change if necessary.

  2. Review of a decision, decision, etc. By a high court or high authority.

  3. Reports or decisions on past topics or events.

  4. Critical evaluation of a book, play, film, exhibition, etc. Published in a newspaper or magazine.

  5. Occasionally published with critical articles on current affairs, art, etc.

  6. Formal ceremonies and inspections by the Army or Navy, usually by senior officials, Commander-in-Chief or visitors.

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  11. (High-ranking Ruler, Commander-in-Chief or Visitors) Formal and formal inspections (Military or Navy)

  12. Watch again or watch again.

Sentences of Review
  1. All business areas have been verified

  2. Lord Irin said last month that he had asked the Board of Certification to review the relationship between his salary and the salary of the presiding judge.

  3. As a result, a review body was set up to look into complaints against judges.

  4. Hasso said the EIA reviewer should not derail the developer's plans unless the app is honestly written.

  5. Dempsey said the price increase and the review were necessary during the investigation.

  6. The government also decided to reject the review agency's recommendation to allow gambling in the national lottery.

  7. It is also recommended that a new review committee and examiner be set up as part of the ongoing review of the office committee structure.

Synonyms of Review

critique, make inquiries into, analyse, size up, annual, criticize, take a fresh look at, reassess, account, rate, rundown, look into, notice, evaluate, research, reappraise, inquire into, re-evaluation, commentary, moderate, organ, appraisal, delineation, reassessment