Definition of Constraint:

  1. Restrictions or restrictions.

  2. An element, element or subsystem that acts as a barrier. Prevents a company, project, or system (e.g. decision-making process or decision-making process) from reaching its potential (or higher level of productivity) in pursuit of its goals. See also compulsion theory.

Synonyms of Constraint

Distance, Curtailment, Restriction, Composure, Continence, Soberness, Bashfulness, Cooling off, Arrest, Suppression, Self-discipline, Interdict, Inhibition, Violence, Aloofness, Exigency, Frigidity, Meden agan, Self-restraint, Denial, Press, Inevitability, Gentleness, Thought control, Impoundment, Impassiveness, Irresistibility, Unexpansiveness, Pressure, Necessity, Enforcement, Neutrality, Self-command, Self-conquest, Tranquillity, Pacifism, Steadiness, Protectionism, Subduedness, Drive, Modesty, Undemonstrativeness, Moderationism, Forbearance, Standoffishness, Urge, Goad, Via media, Self-denial, Expressionlessness, Detachment, Legal restraint, Stability, Calmness, Repose, Moderateness, Coercion, Lenity, Renunciation, Restriction, Possession, Unapproachability, Protection, Injunction, Reticence, Cool, Self-control, Serenity, Blankness, Coolness, Impassivity, Control, Protective tariff, Prohibition, Rash impulse, Self-abnegation, Restraint of trade, Sophrosyne, Nothing in excess, Calm, Hindrance, Coaction, Inaccessibility, Forcing, Renouncement, Retiring disposition, Aplomb, Check, Slowing down, Happy medium, Coldness, Restraint, Unaffability, Prudence, Penning, Guardedness, Unextravagance, Impersonality, Curb, Impulse, Cooling down, Self-possession, Spur, Repression, Retardation, Tariff wall, Sobriety, Withdrawnness, Pinch, Spring, Limitation, Iciness, Withdrawal, Monopoly, Confinement, Temperateness, Caging, Abstinence, Dispassion, Obligement, Uncongeniality, Arrestation, Backwardness, Reserve, Motive, Damper, Remoteness, Conservatism, Unextremeness, Curtailment, Deceleration, Frostiness, Rein, Compulsiveness, Frugality, Compulsion, Retirement, Rationing, Obligation, Self-mastery, Unexcessiveness, Reticency, Moderation, Impulsion, Lockup, Self-government, Nonviolence, Introversion, Reservedness, Urgency, Check, Retrenchment, Evenness, Discretion, Chilliness, Mildness, Stress, Middle way, Restraint, Judiciousness, Discreetness, Driving, Curb, Rein, Cramp, Golden mean, Cooling, Push, Abnegation, Discipline, Circumscription, Juste-milieu, Duress, Control, Impartiality, Impelling, Independence, Temperance

How to use Constraint in a sentence?

  1. Headquarters decided to cut travel budgets by 50% so that sales staff at the local office could not attend the Atlanta Fair due to these new restrictions.
  2. When solving problems, it is important to know the extent to which the limits apply so that you can try to break them in order to reach a final solution.
  3. Time constraints make it impossible to do everything.
  4. I have to suppress my creative virtual reality so that the players do not work to their liking.

Meaning of Constraint & Constraint Definition