Definition of Constituent:

  1. Companies that act as directors authorize other parties (such as elected officials) to act as their representatives.

  2. Each component must meet certain investment, market exposure and liquidity requirements before being included in the index.

  3. Part of something

  4. Circle Banda members.

  5. Become a voting member of a community or organization and have the right to nominate or vote.

  6. Zonings are companies whose shares are part of the index, such as the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This is a component or member of the index. The sum of the proportions of all the components is used to calculate the value of the index.

  7. Be a part of the whole.

Synonyms of Constituent

Component part, Feature, Guts, Monad, Makings, Matter, Gut, Constituents, Contents, Unit of being, Ab ovo, Division, Factor, Substratum, Substance, Fixings, Integral, Earth, Basal, Component, Discriminating, Fire, Appurtenance, Building block, Member of the electorate, Primal, Primitive, Elemental, Material, Ingredient, Nature, Selecting, Integrant, Essential, Choosy, Eclectic, Elector, Natural world, Census, Water, Air, Ingredient, Atom, Electoral, Elementary particle, Portion, Parts, Insides, Elementary unit, Integral, Brute matter, Hyle, Items, Underlying, Whole, Member of a constituency, Formative, Particular, Element, Adjunct, Selective, Fundamental particle, Primary, Material world, Physical world, Innards, Elements, Elementary, Aspect, Part and parcel, Ingredients, Voter, Constitutive, Part, Item, Basic, Stuff, Content, Atomic particles, The four elements, Molecule, Adoptive, Substantive, Of the essence, Component, Composition, Plenum, Hypostasis, Fraction, Index, Component, Element, Inventory, Elective, Appointive, Substantial, Detail, List, Original, Radical, Specialty, Fundamental, Chemical element, Choosing, Divisions, Materiality, Circumstance

How to use Constituent in a sentence?

  1. The senator was extremely rude to his constituents and broke promises made during the race.
  2. Companies must meet certain requirements set by the index issuers before joining the index.
  3. Elected officials are required to inform their constituencies of what they have done in drafting and enforcing the law.
  4. Indicators are useful for tracking the performance of specific markets and sectors.
  5. The minerals that make up the rock.
  6. Circles are members or components of an index or average, such as the Dow, S&P 500 or Nasdaq.
  7. An essential component of the human diet.
  8. Zoning has veto power.
  9. The value of an index is based on a mathematical formula that takes into account the stock price of all the components of the index.
  10. At the heart of democracy, a good politician should consider the needs of his constituency when reviewing the benefits of legislation and regulations.
  11. He says the legislature depends on the approval of the constituency, which elects its representatives every five years.

Meaning of Constituent & Constituent Definition