Definition of Conspicuous:

  1. Standing out so as to be clearly visible.

  2. A clause or term in an agreement is considered conspicuous when it is written or phrased in a manner that a reasonable person (against whom it is to operate) ought to notice it.

Synonyms of Conspicuous

Obvious, Clear, Plain, Evident, Apparent, Manifest, Self-evident, Appalling, Apparent, Arrant, Arresting, Astonishing, Awe-inspiring, Awesome, Blatant, Bold, Celebrated, Clean-cut, Clear, Clear as crystal, Clear-cut, Consequential, Crystal-clear, Defined, Definite, Distinct, Distinguished, Egregious, Eminent, Esteemed, Estimable, Evident, Exceptional, Extraordinary, Fabulous, Fantastic, Flagrant, Flashy, Formidable, Garish, Gaudy, Glaring, Glorious, Hanging out, Illustrious, Important, Impressive, In focus, In relief, In the foreground, In the limelight, Incontestable, Incontrovertible, Incredible, Loud, Lurid, Manifest, Marked, Marvelous, Memorable, Noble, Notable, Noteworthy, Noticeable, Notorious, Obtrusive, Obvious, Of mark, Open-and-shut, Openhanded, Ostensible, Ostentatious, Outstanding, Palpable, Patent, Perceptible, Plain, Pointed, Prestigious, Prominent, Pronounced, Rare, Remarkable, Rememberable, Reputable, Salient, Showy, Signal, Significant, Special, Staring, Stark-staring, Sticking out, Striking, Superior, Tawdry, Telling, To the front, Uncommon, Unforgettable, Unmistakable, Unquestionable, Unusual, Vivid, Vulgar, Well-defined, Well-marked, Well-pronounced, Well-resolved, Wonderful

How to use Conspicuous in a sentence?

  1. He was very thin, with a conspicuous Adams apple.

Meaning of Conspicuous & Conspicuous Definition