Definition of Consortium:

  1. There are many consortiums in the nonprofit sector, for example, between educational institutions. Education consortia typically pool resources such as libraries, research activities, and faculty, and the group shares them with group members for the benefit of its students. Several groups of American colleges and universities operate as a consortium.

  2. Benefits that are the rights of the parties to the agreement or settlement.

  3. The right to be with a husband or wife

  4. A short-term agreement in which multiple companies (from the same industrial sector or from different countries) prepare their financial and human resources to carry out a large-scale project that benefits all members of the group. The consortium usually has a shorter term than the union.

  5. An association usually consisting of several trading companies.

  6. A consortium is a group of at least two individuals, companies or governments working together to achieve a common goal. Companies participating in the consortium raise resources, but are only responsible for the obligations set out in the consortium agreement. Therefore, every company that is part of the consortium is independent of its normal business activities and has no effect on the business activities of other affiliates who are not affiliated with the consortium.

Synonyms of Consortium

Utility, Union, Business, Business establishment, Convention, Union contract, Syndicate, Public utility, Conglomerate corporation, Firm, Corporation, Confederation, Aktiebolag, Merger, ■■■■■-stock association, Arrangement, Enterprise, Covenant of salt, Diversified corporation, Compagnie, Operating company, ■■■■■■■ Conglomerate, Aktiengesellschaft, League, Conglomerate, ■■■■■-stock company, Contract, House, Cordial understanding, Union, Legal agreement, Syndicate, Partnership, Paction, Collective agreement, Mutual agreement, Binding agreement, League, Corporate body, Guild, Holding company, Entente cordiale, Bargain, Cooperative, Employment contract, Protocol, Combine, Society, Commercial enterprise, Entente, Congress, Covenant, Deal, Valid contract, Plunderbund, Wage contract, Trade association, Club, Bond, Order, Chamber of commerce, Company, Corporation, Fraternity, Concern, Guild, Federation, Stock company, Confederacy, Cartel, Consolidating company, Stipulation, Consortium, Pact, Trust, Formal agreement, Promise, Understanding, Copartnership, Coalition, Accord, Pool, Legal contract, Compact, Transaction, Alliance, Mutual understanding, Fellowship, Agreement, Industry, Body corporate, Partnership, Ironclad agreement, Amalgamation

How to use Consortium in a sentence?

  1. Consortia is common in educational institutions that develop their resources so that students can benefit from a wide range of assets.
  2. Representatives of each local company formed a consortium to ensure the success of the charity fundraiser.
  3. A consortium of European countries is meeting in Greece to develop ideas to save the Greek economy from bankruptcy.
  4. The Lake County Teachers Consortium met and decided to use one of its business days to intervene before Thanksgiving on Wednesday.
  5. A consortium is a group of organizations that work together to achieve a common goal.
  6. Examples of nonprofit consortia include Airbus Industry GIE, which includes British Aerospace, Aerospace, Constructors Aeronautics SA and Hulu, comprising Comcast, Time Warner, Walt Disney Company and 21st Century Fox.
  7. The amount paid for the consortium's losses should be recorded.
  8. This will change the control of local authorities' care and give elected local authorities democratic control over healthcare, with a consortium of councils requesting more complex services.

Meaning of Consortium & Consortium Definition


Definition of Consortium:

A group of companies, investors or financial institutions working together in a ■■■■■ venture.

Definition of Consortium: Associations of commercial companies, whether individuals, legal entities or companies that work together temporarily for a particular company.


What Does Consortium Mean?

  • A group of companies, investors or financial institutions that work together in a company.

Meanings of Consortium

  1. An association usually consists of several companies.

  2. The right to meet and reunite with a spouse

Sentences of Consortium

  1. The amount paid for the loss of the consortium must be included.