Consolidated Financial Statements

Consolidated Financial Statements,

Consolidated Financial Statements:

Consolidated Financial Statements refers to National Financial Statistics Merger of parent company and one or more of its subsidiaries

Literal Meanings of Consolidated Financial Statements


Meanings of Consolidated:
  1. (Some) make it physically strong or strong.

  2. Combine (many things) into a more efficient or integrated combination.

Sentences of Consolidated
  1. The first phase of the project is the stabilization of the exterior walls

  2. All manufacturing activities are stable in a new facility

Synonyms of Consolidated

mingle, marry, integrate, bring together, unite, blend, merge, synthesize, amalgamate, combine, fuse


Meanings of Financial:
  1. From a financial point of view.

  2. The financial or financial situation of an organization or individual.

Sentences of Financial
  1. Independent financial advisor

  2. You need to focus on your finances, especially your cash flow

Synonyms of Financial

economic, accounting, monetary, money, fiscal, business, commercial, banking, budgetary, pecuniary, investment


Meanings of Statements:
  1. Specific or explicit expression of something when speaking or writing.

  2. Documents showing the elements of debit and credit between a bank or other organization and a customer.

  3. Presenting a theme or melody in a composition.

  4. Officially assess that (a child) has special educational needs.

Sentences of Statements
  1. Do you agree with this observation?

  2. You have your own account with a monthly bank statement

  3. He changes the subject in his frequent statements, so that Rawand's article never comes up again.

  4. Re-evaluation of declared children

Synonyms of Statements

communication, utterance, declaration, expression of facts, assertion, announcement, affirmation, expression of views