Definition of Consignment:

  1. Delivery or delivery of goods to the destination.

  2. A supply is a contract in which a third party has the right to sell goods. Typically, the sender receives one percent of the revenue from sales as a commission (sometimes a very high percentage).

  3. Shipbuilding contracts are made for various products such as artwork, clothing and accessories and books. Certain types of retail can be seen as a particular form of delivery in which manufacturers rely on retail stores to sell their products to consumers, while thrift and thrift stores are more commonly shipping delivery. Are associated with

  4. Delivery.

  5. Delivery of certain items sent by the sender to a specific recipient.

Synonyms of Consignment

Containerload, Cargo, Surrender, Conferral, Lieutenancy, Mittimus, Cure, Pack, Purview, Exequatur, Deeding, Committal, Conferment, Transmittal, Empowerment, Disposition, Commendation, Delivery, Errand, Office, Delegated authority, Shipment, Transference, Transmission, Baggage, Devolvement, Vicarious authority, Plenipotentiary power, Truckload, Freight, Infeudation, Bequeathal, Brevet, Delegation, Demise, Boatload, Lorryload, Impedimenta, Trust, Full power, Exchange, Regency, Settling, Abalienation, Sale, Trusteeship, Conveyance, Amortizement, Enfeoffment, Conveyancing, Delivery, Cession, Alienation, Lease and release, Authority, Settlement, Commitment, Remanding, Assignment, Responsibility, Vesting, Commission, Shipment, Embassy, Entrusting, Giving, Lading, Load, Amortization, Power to act, Shipload, Mission, Infeodation, Authorization, Agency, Barter, Executorship, Commissioning, Factorship, Warrant, Disposal, Trading, Assignation, Devolution, Payload, Jurisdiction, Deputation, Entrustment, License, Remand, Goods, Mandate, Charge, Task, Recommitment, Freightage, Consignation, Cargo, Luggage, Legation, Load, Regentship, Bargain and sale, Deliverance, Proxy, Relegation, Care, Power of attorney, Procuration, Agentship, Transfer

How to use Consignment in a sentence?

  1. The party that sells the goods by mail receives a portion of the profits in the form of flat fees or commissions.
  2. Shipping is a great solution when you don't have a physical store or online marketplace to sell your product.
  3. Most consignment stores and online retailers have terms, but some are willing to negotiate.
  4. Meat supply.
  5. Manufacturers of the new form of chewing gum were excited to produce the first batch of chewing gum, which was three times better than the new one for delivery. He opened a high quality multitube store looking to buy his product and resell it at a reasonable price.
  6. A friend of mine posted this item to an eBay user and he got in the way.
  7. The woman goes to the furniture store and leaves the old furniture in her room. He made a lot of money from this transaction to pay for the new entry.
  8. A supply is an agreement in which goods are sold to a third party.
  9. Sales through remittance agreements can be a way to sell goods or services for low commissions and low investment.

Meaning of Consignment & Consignment Definition