Consignment shop

Consignment shop,

Definition of Consignment shop:

  1. A retail store that specializes in selling goods. Shipping warehouses provide customers with the opportunity to display and sell their products. The company decides at what price it is willing to sell. After the sale is completed, the warehouse and the owner share in the profits. If an item is not sold after a certain period, the owner has the goods to pick it up at the store.

  2. A store that sells products (usually clothing and accessories) used by the original owner, which receives one percent of the sale price.

How to use Consignment shop in a sentence?

  1. One day, the three girls went to a consignment shop near my house.
  2. My friend and I wanted to buy the goods I bought at the consignment store to see if we could get a good price for selling it.
  3. Commodity companies do more business somewhere in the middle of the city, and we point out the reasons for the difference in sales by location.
  4. If you find a consignment store, you can make a good deal by bargaining a little.

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