Definition of Consignee:

  1. A party (usually a buyer) named by the consignor (usually a seller) in transportation documents as the party to whose order a consignment will be delivered at the port of destination. The consignee is considered to be the owner of the consignment for the purpose of filing the customs declaration, and for paying duties and taxes. Formal ownership of the consignment, however, transfers to the consignee only upon payment of the sellers invoice in full.

Synonyms of Consignee

Federal, Accepter, Acquirer, Addressee, Agent, Amanuensis, Audience, Auditor, Baggage agent, Beholder, Business agent, Claim agent, Clerk, Commercial agent, Commission agent, Customer agent, Dupe, Factor, Fed, Federal agent, Freight agent, Functionary, General agent, Getter, Hearer, Holder, Implement, Instrument, Insurance agent, Land agent, Law agent, Listener, Literary agent, Loan agent, Looker, News agent, Obtainer, Official, Parliamentary agent, Passenger agent, Payee, Press agent, Procurer, Puppet, Purchasing agent, Real estate agent, Receiver, Recipient, Sales agent, Secretary, Special agent, Spectator, Station agent, Steward, Taker, Theatrical agent, Ticket agent, Tool, Travel agent, Trustee, Viewer, Walking delegate

How to use Consignee in a sentence?

  1. In order to carry out the purchase, the company would require a consignee to accept financial responsibility for the item.
  2. The consignee seemed responsible and has years of experience in delivering goods by transporting them across the country in a professional and safe manner.
  3. If you are a consignee and expecting something to arrive soon you may have to stay at the office late until it arrives.

Meaning of Consignee & Consignee Definition