Definition of Consignee:

  1. The party (usually the buyer) is identified in the shipping document by the sender (usually the seller) as the party who orders the shipment from the destination port. Considered the owner of a consignment for filing a customs declaration and paying fees and taxes. However, the legal ownership of the shipment is transferred to the recipient only after payment of the seller's invoice.

Synonyms of Consignee

Real estate agent, Claim agent, Implement, Land agent, Loan agent, Obtainer, Viewer, Receiver, Secretary, Listener, Official, Literary agent, Clerk, Travel agent, Business agent, Sales agent, Law agent, Trustee, Freight agent, Accepter, Passenger agent, Parliamentary agent, Fed, General agent, Acquirer, Hearer, Agent, Functionary, Steward, Special agent, Customer agent, Insurance agent, Station agent, Press agent, Theatrical agent, Looker, Audience, Payee, Commission agent, Dupe, Recipient, Amanuensis, Factor, Purchasing agent, Procurer, Auditor, Addressee, Tool, Getter, News agent, Commercial agent, Federal, Holder, Taker, Instrument, Beholder, Walking delegate, Puppet, Ticket agent, Spectator, Baggage agent, Federal agent

How to use Consignee in a sentence?

  1. In order to continue purchasing, the company must be financially responsible for the recipient's business.
  2. The recipient is responsible and has experience in professional shipping and safe transportation of goods across the country.
  3. If you are a recipient and expect something to happen soon, you may need to stay in the office long before it arrives.

Meaning of Consignee & Consignee Definition