Definition of Conservatism:

  1. The holding of political views that favor free enterprise, private ownership, and socially traditional ideas.

  2. Commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation.

  3. Not a clear cut philosophy but a set of beliefs which, in general, tend to support (1) free enterprise capitalism, (2) continuation of traditions, (3) minimal government intervention in economy, (4) strict law and order enforcement, and (5) gradual change as opposed to radical reform. Conservatism evolved during 1750 and 1850, a period of upheaval in Western societies, beginning with the idea of enlightenment and French Revolution (1789) and continuing with the industrial revolution. It has a non-doctrinaire approach and pragmatic outlook but has opposed many progressive ideas such as universal adult suffrage (specially for women), emancipation of slaves, and religious freedom. Its foundations were laid by the Irish politician Edmund Burke (1729-1797), author of the 1770 book Thoughts On The Present Discontents. The UKs right-wing critic Roger Scruton (1944-), author of the 1984 book The Meaning Of Conservatism, is its modern day theorist. See also individualism.

Synonyms of Conservatism

Abnegation, Abstinence, Backwardness, Calm, Calmness, Conservativeness, Constraint, Continence, Control, Cool, Dispassion, Evenness, Fogyism, Gentleness, Golden mean, Happy medium, Impartiality, Judiciousness, Juste-milieu, Laissez-faireism, Lenity, Meden agan, Middle way, Mildness, Moderateness, Moderation, Moderationism, Neutrality, Nonviolence, Nothing in excess, Old school tie, Old-fashionedness, Pacifism, Political conservatism, Prudence, Repose, Resistance to change, Restraint, Rightism, Self-abnegation, Self-control, Self-denial, Self-restraint, Serenity, Sobriety, Stability, Standpattism, Steadiness, Temperance, Temperateness, Tranquillity, Ultraconservatism, Unexcessiveness, Unextravagance, Unextremeness, Unprogressiveness, Via media

How to use Conservatism in a sentence?

  1. During economic boom or economic stabilization, conservatism should be in place. When the economic is in recession, there should be more government intervention in the economy and this defeats the purpose of conservatism . United States of America is an example of conservatism because it supports free enterprise capitalism.
  2. His personal conservatism made him unable to keep an open mind when voting as to whether or not abortion should be legalized.
  3. The political thought that conservatism was the way to bringing the nation onto the world stage, capitalism free from government was the only way true progress would be achieved.
  4. A party that espoused conservatism.
  5. Proponents of theological conservatism.

Meaning of Conservatism & Conservatism Definition