Definition of Consequently:

  1. As a result.

  2. Due to a previous event or situation. Bob was late for work. Consequently, he was punished. See also subsequently.

Synonyms of Consequently

As a result, As a consequence, In consequence, So, That being so, Thus, Therefore, Accordingly, Hence, For that reason, For this reason, Because of that, Because of this, On that account, On this account, According to circumstances, Accordingly, And so, As a consequence, As a result, As it is, As matters stand, At that rate, Because of that, Because of this, Equally, Ergo, Finally, For that, For that cause, For that reason, For this cause, For this reason, For which reason, Hence, Hereat, In that case, In that event, Inconsequence, Inevitably, It follows that, Naturally, Naturellement, Necessarily, Of course, Of necessity, On that account, On that ground, On this account, Propter hoc, So, That being so, Then, Thence, Thereat, Therefor, Therefore, Thereupon, Thus, Thusly, Thuswise, Under the circumstances, Whence, Wherefore, Wherefrom

How to use Consequently in a sentence?

  1. Flexible workers find themselves in great demand, and consequently earn high salaries.

Meaning of Consequently & Consequently Definition