Consequential Damages

Consequential Damages,

What Does Consequential Damages Mean?

  1. Definition of Consequential Damages: Indirect loss is a direct result of direct loss. Lost profits, lost leases and lost business opportunities are examples of indirect losses that can result in direct physical damage to property. The resulting loss is an unpleasant risk for most companies because there is no limit to the amount of loss.

Literal Meanings of Consequential Damages


Meanings of Consequential:
  1. Continue as a result or consequence.

  2. Urgent

Sentences of Consequential
  1. Loss of trust and related return

  2. Probably the most important discovery of the 18th century

Synonyms of Consequential

material, far-reaching, consequent, memorable, major, ensuing, momentous, important, serious, appreciable, weighty, life-changing, of moment, significant, resultant, meaty, resulting


Meanings of Damages:
  1. Do (some) bodily harm in such a way that its value, usefulness or normal function is lost.

  2. Physical harm that affects the value, usefulness, or normal functioning of an object.

  3. The amount required or given as compensation for loss or damage.

Sentences of Damages
  1. The bomb caused great damage to the big city

  2. He received 28 4,284,000 in damages.

Synonyms of Damages

vandalism, injure, reparation, blemish, harm, blight, mutilate, desecrate, mar, deface, mangle, vandalization, injury, vandalize, restitution, impair, spoil, reparations, redress, destruction, recompense, disfigure, do damage to, defile, compensation