Consent To Settle Provision

Consent To Settle Provision,

How To Define Consent To Settle Provision?

  1. Meaning of Consent To Settle Provision: In liability insurance, the end of an E&O policy or professional liability insurance that requires the insurer's approval before the insurer can settle a third party claim.

Literal Meanings of Consent To Settle Provision


Meanings of Consent:
  1. Letting something happen or agreeing with something

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Sentences of Consent
  1. No changes can be made without the consent of all partners

  2. Approve the spy investigation

Synonyms of Consent

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Meanings of Provision:
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Sentences of Provision
  1. Civilian contractors are responsible for supplying these troops.

  2. Financial institutions need to protect themselves from default

  3. New service delivery agreement

  4. Basic provisions of civil rights

Synonyms of Provision

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