Consent Judgment

Consent Judgment,

Consent Judgment Definition:

Consent Judgment definition is: Fined with the consent of the accused. Insurers who mistakenly refuse to defend their policyholders run the risk of being approved. Once a consent decision has been issued against the policyholder, the insurance company, which later violates its defense duties, may be required to pay the consent decision on its own terms.

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Meanings of Consent:
  1. Permission to do something or permission to do something.

  2. Let something happen.

Sentences of Consent
  1. No changes can be made without the consent of all partners

  2. Approve the spy investigation

Synonyms of Consent

concede to, accept, approve, conform to, submit to, assent to, yield to, allow, go along with, acquiesce in, accord, agreement, sanction, give permission for, concurrence, accede to, give in to, comply with, abide by, concur with, assent, agree to


Meanings of Judgment:
  1. Ability to make informed decisions or draw meaningful conclusions.

  2. Accidents or disasters are considered divine punishment.

Sentences of Judgment
  1. The accident was proof of the parents' mistakes

Synonyms of Judgment

intelligence, sharp-wittedness, reason, percipience, penalty, common sense, penetration, wit, discernment, good sense, acumen, sense, wisdom, punishment, cleverness, discrimination, canniness, powers of reasoning, awareness, acuity, retribution, sagacity, astuteness, logic, understanding, sharpness, native wit