Definition of Connection:

  1. Hookup to a utility or communication channel.

  2. A supplier of narcotics.

  3. A relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.

  4. Break in a journey that requires passengers to change over to another transporter or mode of transport.

  5. An association of Methodist Churches.

Synonyms of Connection

Link, Relationship, Relation, Relatedness, Interrelation, Interrelatedness, Interconnection, Interdependence, Association, Attachment, Bond, Tie, Tie-in, Correspondence, Parallel, Analogy, ESP, Indian file, Abutment, Abuttal, Access, Accord, Accounting for, Acquaintance, Act of love, Addition, Adjacency, Adjoiningness, Adjunct, Adultery, Affairs, Affiliation, Affinity, Agent, Agglomeration, Agglutination, Aggregation, Agnation, Aisle, Alley, Alliance, Ally, Ambulatory, Ancestry, Ankle, Answer, Answerability, Aperture, Aphrodisia, Applicability, Application, Appointment, Appositeness, Apposition, Appropriateness, Approximation, Appulse, Arbitrator, Arcade, Array, Arrogation, Artery, Articulation, Ascription, Ass, Assemblage, Assignation, Assignment, Association, Attachment, Attribution, Avenue, Balling, Bank, Bearing, Berth, Billet, Blame, Blood, Blood relationship, Bond, Boundary, Bracketing, Broker, Brotherhood, Brothership, Butt, Buzz, Carnal knowledge, Catena, Catenation, Cervix, Chain, Chain reaction, Chaining, Channel, Charge, Church, Climax, Clinch, Cloister, Closeness, Closure, Clustering, Cognation, Cohabitation, Coherence, Coition, Coitus, Coitus interruptus, Colonnade, Combination, Commerce, Common ancestry, Common descent, Communication, Communion, Concatenation, Concern, Concernment, Concourse, Concurrence, Conduit, Confluence, Congeries, Conglomeration, Congress, Conjugation, Conjunction, Connectedness, Connecting, Connecting link, Connecting rod, Connection with, Connections, Consanguinity, Consecution, Consecutiveness, Consistency, Contact, Conterminousness, Contiguity, Continuity, Continuum, Contrariety, Convergence, Conversation, Converse, Copula, Copulation, Correlation, Correspondence, Corridor, Coterminousness, Coupling, Course, Cousinhood, Cousinship, Covered way, Credit, Creed, Cult, Cycle, Dealing, Dealings, Deduction, Defile, Denomination, Deputy, Derivation from, Descent, Diddling, Disjunction, Distributor, Dovetail, Drag, Drone, Elbow, Embrace, Enation, Endless belt, Endless round, Etiology, Exchange, Exit, Faith, Family, Family connection, Fatherhood, Ferry, File, Filiation, Ford, Fornication, Fraternity, Friend at court, Front, Front man, Gallery, Gamut, Gathering, Germaneness, Gliding joint, Go-between, Gradation, Hinge, Hinged joint, Hip, Homology, Honor, Hookup, Hum, Imputation, Influence, Information, Inlet, Interaction, Interagent, Interceder, Intercessor, Interchange, Intercommunication, Intercommunion, Intercourse, Interest, Interface, Interlinking, Intermediary, Intermediate, Intermediate agent, Intermediator, Intermedium, Internuncio, Interplay, Interpleader, Interrelationship, Intersection, Intervener, Interventor, Intimacy, Job, Jobber, Join, Joinder, Joining, Joint, Jointure, Junction, Juncture, Juxtaposition, Kin, Kindred, Kinship, Kith and kin, Knee, Knotting, Knuckle, Lane, Liaison, Line, Lineage, Linguistic intercourse, Link, Linkage, Linking, Lovemaking, Making it with, Marital affinity, Marital relations, Marriage, Marriage act, Marriage connection, Marriage relationship, Materiality, Maternity, Mating, Matrilineage, Matriliny, Matrisib, Matrocliny, Meat, Mediary, Mediator, Medium, Meeting, Merger, Merging, Message, Middleman, Miter, Monotone, Mortise, Motherhood, Mouthpiece, Mutual attraction, Nearness, Neck, Negotiant, Negotiator, Negotiatress, Negotiatrix, Nexus, Office, Ombudsman, Onanism, Opening, Orderliness, Orgasm, Outlet, Overpass, Ovum, Pairing, Palaetiology, Pareunia, Partnership, Pass, Passage, Passageway, Paternity, Patrilineage, Patriliny, Patrisib, Patrocliny, Pendulum, Perigee, Perihelion, Periodicity, Persuasion, Pertinence, Pivot, Pivot joint, Place, Placement, Plenum, Portico, Position, Post, Powder train, Procreation, Progression, Propinquity, Proximity, Pull, Queue, Rabbet, Railroad tunnel, Range, Rank, Rapport, Recurrence, Reference, Reference to, Regard, Relatedness, Relation, Relations, Relationship, Relatives, Relevance, Reply, Respect, Response, Responsibility, Reticulation, Rotation, Round, Routine, Row, Run, Saddling, Scale, Scarf, Screwing, Seam, Sect, Sequence, Series, Sex, Sex act, Sexual climax, Sexual commerce, Sexual congress, Sexual intercourse, Sexual relations, Sexual union, Shoulder, Sibship, Similarity, Single file, Sisterhood, Sistership, Situation, Sleeping with, Social intercourse, Speaking, Spectrum, Speech, Speech circuit, Speech situation, Sperm, Splice, Spokesman, Spokeswoman, Spot, Stitch, String, Succession, Suture, Swath, Symbiosis, Sympathy, Symphysis, Syzygy, Talking, Telepathy, Thread, Tie, Tie rod, Tie-in, Tie-up, Tier, Ties of blood, Togetherness, Toggle, Toggle joint, Touch, Traffic, Train, Traject, Trajet, Truck, Tunnel, Two-way communication, Underpass, Unification, Union, Uniting, Venery, Weld, Wholesaler, Windrow, Wrist, Yoking

How to use Connection in a sentence?

  1. The connections between social attitudes and productivity.
  2. The primitive Methodists broke with the Wesleyan connection in 1810.

Meaning of Connection & Connection Definition

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