Definition of Congress:

  1. Regular meetings or series of roundtable meetings between delegates, especially those belonging to a particular political party, union or discipline.

  2. Congress is the legislature of the United States Government. It is responsible for making laws and helping the government maintain a balance between executive and judicial powers. Congress is a list of powers enshrined in the United States Constitution, including the collection and collection of taxes, fundraising, trade laws, and the declaration of war.

  3. European term for convention

  4. Companies or organizations, especially political ones.

  5. A national legislature, especially in the United States. The United States Congress, which meets on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., is governed by the Constitution of 1787 and consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives, a special session of the United States Congress.

  6. Accession Act.

  7. The Congress consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Each state elects multiple representatives according to the proportion of the state's population. The term of the delegates is two years. Each state also elects two senators for a six-year term. After their tenure, these members of Congress and senators usually receive special retirement plans. Political power in Congress has a direct effect on the world of finance. As a result, almost every major industry in Washington has several lobbies to promote its agenda.

Synonyms of Congress

Interchange, Consultative assembly, Body of advisers, ESP, Session, Union, Fete, Council fire, Aphrodisia, Collect, Directory, Kitchen cabinet, Consultation, Intercommunion, Privy council, Housewarming, Orgasm, Convergence, Dealing, Parish council, Pareunia, Conference, Festivity, Council of state, Legislative chamber, Advisory body, Balling, Forum, Approach, Guild, Bottleneck, Summit, Coupling, Relations, Response, Senate, High-level talk, Legislative body, House, Upper chamber, Intercommunication, Act of love, Coitus interruptus, Council of war, Parliament, Contact, Exchange of views, Legislative assembly, Summit, Representative town meeting, Interplay, Communication, Speech, Fornication, Interaction, Consultation, Converse, Message, Procreation, Court, Conflux, Shindig, Dealings, Information, Intercourse, Fellowship, Sit-in, Mating, Parliament, Seminar, British Cabinet, Prom, Convention, Focalization, Collision course, Order, Synod, Confabulation, Legislature, Seance, Brotherhood, County council, Bargaining, Community, Sexual union, Two-way communication, Confrontation, Gathering, Chamber of deputies, Rally, Answer, Rally, Sexual congress, Social activity, News conference, Pourparler, Marital relations, Audience, Deliberative assembly, Commerce, Sex, Date, Talking, Junta, Ball, US Cabinet, Council, Assembly, Federal assembly, Confab, Symposium, National assembly, Borough council, City council, Concentralization, Speech circuit, Asymptote, Speech situation, Staff, Sexual climax, Council of ministers, Lovemaking, Traffic, Sitting, Soviet, Synod, Eisteddfod, Concentration, Climax, Meat, Truck, Camarilla, Negotiations, Convocation, Cohabitation, Raise, Meeting, Rendezvous, Colloquium, Conventicle, Colloquium, Bargaining session, Panel, Powwow, Converging, Legislature, Venery, Lower chamber, Soiree, Get-together, Funnel, Diddling, Assignation, Lower house, Onanism, Commission, Making it with, General assembly, Dance, Adultery, Interview, Conclave, Divan, Sex act, Turnout, Social intercourse, Meeting, Marriage act, State legislature, Congregate, Narrowing gap, Provincial parliament, Board of aldermen, Sperm, Discussion, Committee, Communion, Palaver, Convocation, Assemble, Concurrence, Connection, Coition, Legislative assembly, Reception, Unicameral legislature, Upper house, Plenum, Assembly, Caucus, Parley, Intimacy, Chamber, Society, Sexual intercourse, Spokes, Congregation, Diet, Chamber of deputies, Summit conference, Bench, Linguistic intercourse, Eyeball-to-eyeball encounter, Cabinet, Convocation, Forgather, Club, Copula, Brain trust, Chamber, Congregation, Forum, Board, League, House of assembly, Crossing, State assembly, Fraternity, Muster, At home, City board, Carnal knowledge, Press conference, Sexual commerce, Ovum, Radius, Association, Council, Screwing, Coitus, Correspondence, Quorum, Touch, Hub, Reply, Copulation, Diet, Tangent, Symposium, Sleeping with, Mutual approach, Meet, Concourse, Exchange, Levee, Summitry, Conversation, Confluence, Syndicate, Speaking, Telepathy, Brawl, Conclave, Party, Sexual relations, Gathering, Sanhedrin, Convention, Huddle, Council, Conference, Common council, Bicameral legislature, Interchange of views, Assemblee, Town meeting, Ass, Social relations, Provincial legislature, Collegiality, Forgathering, Tribunal, Focus

How to use Congress in a sentence?

  1. The tax change requires congressional approval.
  2. Sex Congress
  3. International Mathematical Congress
  4. National Congress of India.

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