Conflict Theory

Conflict Theory,

Conflict Theory Meanings:

  1. Brian Barnier is the chief analyst at Value Bridge Advisors, co-founder and editor-in-chief of, and a visiting professor at Colin Powell School, City University, New York City.

    • Conflict theory focuses on competition between groups in society for limited resources.
    • Conflict theory sees social and economic institutions as tools of struggle between groups or classes that are used by the ruling class to maintain inequality and domination.
    • In the theory of Marxist conflict, society is divided between the proletarian working class and the bourgeois ruling class in the form of the economic class.
    • Recent versions of the Conflict Theory have explored the capitalist factions and other aspects of the conflict between different social, religious and other groups.

Literal Meanings of Conflict Theory


Meanings of Conflict:
  1. Serious disputes or arguments, usually last a long time.

  2. Do not contradict or agree.

Sentences of Conflict
  1. Eternal conflict between the sexes

  2. The interests of parents and children are sometimes in conflict

Synonyms of Conflict

quarrel, disagreeing, incongruous, incompatible, different, varying, contrasting, difference of opinion, discordant, squabble, antithetical, inconsistent, disagreement, opposite, discrepant, dispute, irreconcilable, divergent, opposing, clashing, contrary


Meanings of Theory:
  1. A system of assumptions or ideas is meant to explain something, especially based on general principles, regardless of how it will be explained.

Sentences of Theory
  1. Darwin's theory of evolution

Synonyms of Theory

speculation, premise, assumption, hypothesis, guess, thesis, notion, feeling, supposition, surmise, presumption, conjecture, suspicion, hunch, proposition, postulation, postulate, presupposition