Definition of Confirming:

  1. Administer the religious rite of confirmation to.

  2. Establish the truth or correctness of (something previously believed or suspected to be the case).

  3. Alternative term for confirmation.

Synonyms of Confirming

Find out, Discover, Come to know, Get to know, Work out, Make out, Fathom, Fathom out, Become aware of, Learn, Ferret out, Dig out, Dig up, Establish, Fix, Determine, Settle, Decide, Verify, Make certain of, Confirm, Deduce, Divine, Intuit, Diagnose, Discern, Perceive, See, Realize, Appreciate, Identify, Pin down, Recognize, Register, Understand, Grasp, Take in, Comprehend

How to use Confirming in a sentence?

  1. If these fears are confirmed, the outlook for the economy will be dire.
  2. He had been baptized and confirmed.

Meaning of Confirming & Confirming Definition

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