Definition of Confinement:

  1. Immediate restraint or restriction for limited or restricted items.

  2. Jail.

  3. Work operations or job status.

  4. Date of Birth

Synonyms of Confinement

Immurement, Constraint, Boundary, Blockade, Beleaguerment, Restrain, Cordoning, Travail, Slenderness, Tar-and-feathering, Childbirth, Penal servitude, Bounds, Blessed event, Enclosure, Discipline, Giving birth, Moderation, Delivery, Keelhauling, House arrest, The Nativity, Expected delivery, Multiparity, Nascency, Limit, Birth throes, Inclusion, Arrest, Straitness, Railriding, Narrowness, Continence, Incarceration, Having a baby, Restraint, Hairsbreadth, Hairbreadth, Incapaciousness, Hard labor, Nativity, Stint, Dismemberment, Parturition, Labour, Martyrdom, Internment, Captivity, Incarceration, Siege, Cramping, Giving birth, Narrow gauge, Birthing, Cramp, Genesis, Qualification, Circumscription, Labor, Imprisonment, The gantlet, Tight squeeze, Blockading, Estrapade, Picketing, Jailing, Prescription, Hatching, Restriction, Accouchement, Tightness, Torment, Besetment, Hair, Strictness, Birth, Childbed, Quarantine, The stork, Detention, Rock pile, Restraint, Birthing, Imprisonment, Galleys, Impalement, Torture, Nearness, Childbearing, Strappado, Proscription, Closeness, Limitation, Restrictedness, Delivery, Envelopment, Crowdedness, Incommodiousness, Custody

How to use Confinement in a sentence?

  1. Right away. Was released
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of home care.

Meaning of Confinement & Confinement Definition