Confidence level

Confidence level,

Definition of Confidence level:

  1. Extent to which an assumption or number is likely to be true.

  2. Statistical likelihood (probability) that a random variable lies within the confidence interval of an estimate.

  3. The probability that the value of a parameter falls within a specified range of values.

How to use Confidence level in a sentence?

  1. Our confidence level became really high after we found out that we had beaten out our competition and had won the event.
  2. As he went on stage to perform his speech, you could tell his confidence level was high because he sounded so enthusiastic.
  3. As described earlier, we use binomial probabilities to calculate the confidence level of this interval.
  4. You should always try to have a high confidence level so that you are ready to take on any new challenging task.

Meaning of Confidence level & Confidence level Definition

Confidence Level,

What is The Meaning of Confidence Level?

  1. Confidence Level means: Reputation is related to the damage done in practical analysis.

Literal Meanings of Confidence Level


Meanings of Confidence:
  1. A feeling or belief that you can trust someone or something else that you trust.

Sentences of Confidence
  1. We have full confidence in the team.

Synonyms of Confidence

credence, faith, belief, trust, conviction


Meanings of Level:
  1. Provides a smooth, even surface.

  2. Do something (especially sports scores) the same or similar.

  3. Purpose weapon)

  4. Find the difference in height of (the earth).

  5. A plane or line that is horizontal in terms of distance above or below a particular point.

  6. Position on a real or imaginary scale of quantity, quantity, level or quality.

  7. (In video games) A ​​series of increasing difficulty levels that a player can advance by completing a level.

  8. Contamination consists of air bubbles, partially filled with alcohol or other liquids, in a sealed glass tube, the position of which indicates whether the surface is flat or vertical.

  9. Flat area

Sentences of Level
  1. The contractor began leveling the floor of the new plant

  2. He threw his long barrel gun at us

  3. High unemployment rate

  4. I also used to accurately measure the level of the soul!

  5. Floodplain

  6. We have reached the flat ground

  7. His eyes are on the same level

  8. The car braked quickly, then quickly turned around until it was in my hand

Synonyms of Level

uniform, even out, on the same level as, stable, size, even, unchanging, make even, regularize, aim, consistent, quantity, at the same height as, beam, smooth, plane, on a level, make uniform, level out, in line, smooth out, flush, even up, steady, true, train, unvarying, plumb