Conduit Approach

Conduit Approach,

How Do You Define Conduit Approach?

  • A method by which income or deductions are transferred elsewhere.

Literal Meanings of Conduit Approach


Meanings of Conduit:
  1. Channels for the transport of water or other liquids.

  2. A tube or drain to protect electrical wires.

Sentences of Conduit
  1. Pipes for water supply to power plants

  2. Gas pipes should not be near power lines

Synonyms of Conduit

conduit, pipe, sluice, race, chute, trench, flume, trough, duct, cut, spillway, furrow, culvert, drain, ditch, groove, depression, gutter, gully, tube, channel


Meanings of Approach:
  1. Closer or closer in distance or time (to someone or something).

  2. Usually with a suggestion or request, talk to someone for the first time.

  3. Start dealing with (something) in a certain way.

  4. A way to manage something.

  5. The process of talking to someone for the first time, usually an offer or request.

  6. The task of getting to or from someone or something remote or at the right time.

Sentences of Approach
  1. Near the train main line

  2. The ministry contacted for financial assistance

  3. We must approach this subject with caution.

  4. We need a new approach to work

  5. Contact the owner Developer

  6. Winter is coming

Synonyms of Approach

start, tackle, draw nearer, line of action, go close, come close, proceed towards, talk to, offer, viewpoint, commence, get to grips with, coming near, go nearer, attitude, go near, coming, move nearer, address oneself to, come nearer, outlook, launch into, appeal, line of attack, near, motion, proposition, go closer, make a start on, come towards