Definition of Conduct:

  1. It runs from transmission (a form of energy such as heat or electricity).

  2. The process or method of managing an activity or organization.

  3. Organize and execute

  4. A person's behavior, especially on specific occasions or in specific contexts.

  5. Behaving in a certain way.

  6. Perform (musical work or musical duo).

  7. General behavior, expressed in company actions, reactions or inactivity.

  8. Targeting (someone) in or around a particular location.

Synonyms of Conduct

Lead, Make go, Be responsible for, Run, Funnel, Execute, Government, Communicate, Put right, Bear, Proceeding, Pilotage, Lead, Take away, Rule, Lead on, Head up, Channel, See to, Pattern, Movements, Perform, Go on, Make the rules, Observable behavior, Chaperon, Wield the baton, Motions, Pull the strings, Transmit, Bearing, Act, Engineer, Govern, Show the way, Transport, Supervision, Pack, Undertake, Take to, Action, Convey, Remove, Orchestration, Manipulate, Esquire, Take up, Oversee, Tackle, Administer, Run, Order, Guidance, Guide, Employ, Set straight, The conn, Practice, Canalize, Affectation, Transact, Steerage, Preside over, Acquit, Dispose of, Achievement, Port, Operancy, Be in control of, Doings, Control, Keep up, Carry on, Goings-on, Command, Accomplishment, Working, Running, Supervise, Perform on, Transmit, Maneuver, Operation, Behavior pattern, Bear oneself, Direct to, Accompany, Squire, Administration, Ordering, Activity, Head, Carry oneself, Follow, Carry through, Guide, Route, Dispatch, Deportment, Supervision, Completion, Performance, Tactics, Traject, Put through, Organization, Manage, Praxis, Dispatch, Guard, Overseeing, Skipper, Mastermind, Effectuation, Bring, Methods, Carriage, Bear, Responsibility, Behavior, Ordain, Convoy, Actions, Carrying out, Deportment, Show someone the way, Orchestrate, Make, Workings, Behavioral norm, Direction, Maintien, Manage, Manhandle, Doing, Leadership, Agency, Perform, Modus vivendi, Gestures, Operate, Implementation, Moves, Execution, Charge, Superintendence, Behaviour, Methodology, Perpetration, Coordination, Cope with, Control, Care, Managing, Mediate, Engage in, Managing, Occupation, Steering, The wheel, Regulation, Manipulation, Carrying on, Drive, Organize, Regulate, Act, Demeanor, Take the lead, Relay, Comportment, Govern, Discharge, Marshal, Quit, Point the way, Guide, Enact, Lug, Behavioral science, Attend, Handle, Wait on, Conduct to, Bearing, Prescribe, Pilot, Handle, Convey, Pass on, Show, Social science, Manners, Officer, Specialize in, Pursue, The helm, Pipe, Carry out, Take out, Pilot, Regulate, Way of behaving, Leadership, Direct, Air, Take care of, Coordinate, Show, Waft, Use, Siphon, Transaction, Go in for, Supervise, Style, Direct, Managery, Carry out, Authority, Deal with, Address, Accomplish, Channelize, Method, Posture, Wage, Keep, Enactment, Captain, Separate, Escort, Behave, Direction, Whisk, Lead, Folkway, Acquit oneself, Attitude, Carry, Management, Presence, Stance, Superintendency, Way of life, Custom, Carry on, Steer, Tote, Oversee, Administer, Usher, Controlling, Husbandry, Companion, Play, Commission, Functioning, Hand on, Be in charge of, Call the signals, Intendance, Mien, Comport, Impart, Leading, Channel, Behave, Deport, Guise, Tone, Freight, Acts, Driving, Performance, Prosecute, Work, Do, Mastermind, Shepherd, Set right, Manner, Performing, Culture pattern, Way, Procedure, Demeanour, Usher, Trench, Administration, Poise, Handling, Ways, Regulation, Management, Running, Masterminding, Work at, Lead to, Lift, Escort, Quarterback, Pose, Wing, Governance, Take, Arrange, Withdraw, Exercise, Point out to, Take on, Control, See, Company, Complete, Carry, Comportment, Handling, Take command, Transfer, Demean, Fly, Guidance

How to use Conduct in a sentence?

  1. Heat is applied to the surface.
  2. Be professional and polite when watching your new movie premiere this week.
  3. He was treated with the utmost courtesy.
  4. Police conduct during riots.
  5. My first attempt at a good job.
  6. He took us to his private Civil War gallery.
  7. On the second attempt, he defended himself.
  8. When you are new to the business, it is important to learn the right practices to engage with other business people.
  9. When serving in the US Armed Forces abroad, there is a specific code of conduct that a person must follow while serving his or her nation.
  10. He is promoting the campaign.

Meaning of Conduct & Conduct Definition

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