Definition of Conditions:

  • See the general condition of the synonym guide

  • It is part of the insurance agreement that sets out the duties and responsibilities of the insured or insurer.

  • Terms included in the insurance agreement that are eligible or limited to the performance of the insurance company.

  • Definition of Conditions: The insurance policy agrees on things that control the rights and needs of the insurer or insurers.

  • Definition of Conditions: Terms set out in the insurance contract that the insurer is required to be eligible for compensation.

  • Conditions means:

  • Definition of Conditions: It sets out the rules and rights of policyholders and insurance service providers. Terms related to cancellation of contract, change in insurance coverage, insurance review, etc.

Meanings of Conditions

  1. Determines important influence (shape or result of something)

  2. Set the conditions for (something) before it happens or before it happens.

  3. Circumstances or factors that affect people's way of living and working, especially in relation to their well-being.

  4. A situation that exists before anything is allowed or tolerated.

Sentences of Conditions

  1. The wiring is in good condition

  2. Hard working conditions

  3. Members must meet three conditions to obtain a loan

Synonyms of Conditions

soften, determine, surroundings, prerequisite, process, adapt, temper, prime, rule, state, improve, make healthy, build up, adjust, tone up, circumstances, requirement, get something into shape, constrain, control, govern, make ready

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Definition of Conditions:

  • See synonyms general policy terms.

  • Definition of Conditions: The part of the insurance contract that sets out the insurer and the insurer's duties and responsibilities.

Meanings of Conditions

  1. A situation that exists before anything else is possible or allowed.

  2. An important influence or determination (shape or result of something).

  3. Keep (some) in the desired condition for use.

  4. Create conditions for (something) to happen or before it happens.

Synonyms of Conditions

milieu, essential, constraint, ambience, act on, environment, position, impact on, specification, acclimatize, decide, necessity, climate, background, precondition, sway, affect, prepare, guide, situation, form, treat, order, alter, circs


Definition of Conditions:

  • The part of the insurance contract that sets out the duties and responsibilities of the insured and the insurer.

  • The terms of an insurance contract that meet or limit the insurer's performance promise.

  • Conditions means, The agreed terms in the insurance policy that determine the rights and requirements of the insured and the insurer.

Meanings of Conditions

  1. Create conditions for (something) to happen before it happens.

Synonyms of Conditions

touch, acclimate, set-up, exert influence on, have an impact on, work on, setting, provision, modify, change, qualification, demand, atmosphere, have an effect on, stipulation, transform, context, bias, proviso, season, nick, way of life, restriction