Conditions Of Release

Conditions Of Release,

What is Conditions Of Release?

  • Under the conditions under which detainees are released pending trial. Successive prison sentences are imposed on a person who has committed two or more crimes.

Literal Meanings of Conditions Of Release


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Sentences of Conditions
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  4. Hard working conditions

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Synonyms of Conditions

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Meanings of Release:
  1. Allow or allow released prisoners to escape.

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Sentences of Release
  1. The government announced the release of the prisoner

  2. He let go of her arm and pushed her away

  3. No details were provided about the content of the conversation.

  4. The next amount is due to the loan that was repaid

  5. The campaign of the mothers of the prisoners led to their release

  6. The film's release was delayed two years.

Synonyms of Release

allow to leave, publicize, ransom, exempt, break, liberate, transmit, free, make known, set at liberty, deliverance, CD, broadcast, deliver, emancipation, publish, single, bring to public notice, turn loose, let out, set loose, emancipate, air, spread, rescue