Definition of Conditional:

  1. Subject to one or more conditions or requirements being met; made or granted on certain terms.

  2. The conditional mood of a verb, for example should die in if I should die.

  3. A conditional clause or conjunction.

  4. Dependent on or subject to something to follow such as a condition that must be fulfilled or an event that must or must not occur. See also contingent and provisional.

  5. (of a clause, phrase, conjunction, or verb form) expressing a condition.

Synonyms of Conditional

Subject to, Dependent on, Depending on, Contingent on, Hingeing on, Resting on, Hanging on, Based on, Determined by, Controlled by, Tied to, Bound up with, A fortiori, A posteriori, A priori, Acceptable, Accidental, Adventitious, Aleatory, Analytic, At issue, Casual, Categorical, Circumstantial, Conditioned, Condonable, Contingent, Deductive, Defensible, Dependent, Depending, Dialectic, Discursive, Enthymematic, Epagogic, Excusable, Fixed, Formal, Fortuitous, Given, Hypothetical, Iffy, In question, In suspense, In the balance, Incidental, Inductive, Inessential, Inferential, Limited, Maieutic, Modal, Modified, Nonessential, Obscure, Occasional, Open, Pendent, Pending, Problematic, Provisional, Provisory, Qualified, Questionable, Relative, Reliant, Restricted, Soritical, Specificative, Specified, Stated, Stipulated, Stipulatory, Suspenseful, Syllogistic, Synthetic, Tenable, Tentative, Tolerable, Uncertain, Uncounted, Undecided, Undetermined, Unessential, Unestablished, Unfixed, Unsettled, Untold, Up for grabs, Vindicable, Warrantable

How to use Conditional in a sentence?

  1. The consortium has made a conditional offer.
  2. Romanian uses an analytic construction for the conditional.
  3. And she puts it in a conditional clause, which makes a difference.
  4. Let us turn now, though, to subjunctive conditionals contextualism.

Meaning of Conditional & Conditional Definition

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