Conditional Value At Risk (CVaR)

Conditional Value At Risk (CVaR),

How Do You Define Conditional Value At Risk (CVaR)?

  • You can define Conditional Value At Risk (CVaR) as, The conditional value of risk (CVAR), also known as deficit expectation, is a risk assessment measure that assumes the level of tail risk in the investment portfolio. Out of the point of risk (limit) the result of the average CVAR of extreme losses at the tail of the distribution of potential profits outside the price. Conditional risk values ​​for effective risk management are used in otimizaçã portfolio optimization.

    • Conditional risk value is derived from portfolio or investment risk value.
    • Unlike VAR, the use of CVAR only leads to a more conservative approach to exposure to risk.
    • The choice between VR and CVAR is not always clear, but an unexpected and anticipated investment can benefit from CVR to test the assumptions that VR applies.

Literal Meanings of Conditional Value At Risk (CVaR)


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