Conditional Binding Receipt

Conditional Binding Receipt,

How To Define Conditional Binding Receipt?

  • Conditional Binding Receipt means: Life insurance receipt, which guarantees that the insured person is insured from the date of receipt, if the risk is accepted.

Literal Meanings of Conditional Binding Receipt


Meanings of Conditional:
  1. Until one or more terms and conditions are met, certain terms and conditions are provided.

  2. (Clause, phrase, combination or verbal form) which expresses a condition.

  3. Conditional sentences or closing words.

  4. For example, if I die, the condition of a verb must be conditioned.

Sentences of Conditional
  1. The consortium makes a conditional offer

  2. And it puts you in a conditional clause that makes a difference.

  3. Let us now turn to the subjective of the conditional context.

  4. Romania uses analytical constructs for these terms.

Synonyms of Conditional

hanging on, contingent on, hingeing on, depending on, controlled by, tied to, resting on, dependent on, bound up with, subject to, determined by, based on


Meanings of Binding:
  1. A strong cover that holds the pages of a book together.

  2. The invention relates to a mechanical device attached to a ski to capture a ski boat, specifically a pair of alpine skis, which grab the boat's toes and heels and release them automatically in the event of a fall. Is.

  3. The process of binding or binding, or binding to chemical bonds.

  4. (Agreement or promise) which means an integral responsibility.

Sentences of Binding
  1. A beautiful book with perfect binding and 5 stars?

  2. The recipe is simple but delicious: add an ice skating knife to the skates with a cut ski strip.

  3. Binding of antibodies to the cell surface

  4. Trade agreements must be legally binding.

Synonyms of Binding

unalterable, permanent, unbreakable, irrevocable, indissoluble


Meanings of Receipt:
  1. The act of accepting or accepting.

  2. Prescription

  3. Mark as a receipt.

Sentences of Receipt
  1. I would be grateful if you would accept the receipt of this letter.

  2. I spent hours in the kitchen trying all sorts of recipes

  3. Copies can be accepted and returned to you

Synonyms of Receipt

gaining, getting, cooking directions, reception, obtaining, receiving