Condition precedent

Condition precedent,

Definition of Condition precedent:

  1. An explicit or implied stipulation in the agreement that (1) the party must play its part before asking the other, or (2) an event must occur before either party is entitled to a claim for compensation or breach Be See also the situation and the following at the same time.

  2. A precedent is a legal term that describes the conditions or events that must occur before a particular agreement can take effect or before it is deemed to have taken place before the actions of either party.

  3. There may also be a requirement in everyday life for the contract to state that when condition X occurs, event Y occurs. Condition X requires it.

How to use Condition precedent in a sentence?

  1. The company and its employees have set an example that if they want to produce fifty games a day together, otherwise the promised bonuses will not be paid.
  2. The condition is that two-thirds of the order has been completed before the payment of the company's order is approved.
  3. General requirements in wills and trusts.
  4. In trade agreements, the pre-existing conditions are those that govern the management of various activities.
  5. The foundation is laid and we are all ready to go, which adds energy to the room.
  6. Prerequisites are terms that specify certain terms that must be offered by one party or another to guarantee the development or performance of an agreement.

Meaning of Condition precedent & Condition precedent Definition

Condition Precedent,

Condition Precedent: What is the Meaning of Condition Precedent?

  • One condition is the ideological agreement in which one has to take some steps before fulfilling the obligation.

Literal Meanings of Condition Precedent


Meanings of Condition:
  1. Achieve or determine an important influence (shape or result of something)

  2. Bring (something) to use in the desired condition.

  3. Apply conditioner to (hair)

  4. Set a condition before (something) happens or before it happens.

  5. The condition of an object in terms of appearance, quality or operational condition.

  6. Circumstances that affect the way people live or work, including their safety or well-being.

  7. A condition that must exist or be possible or allowed before anything else.

Sentences of Condition
  1. National elections are subject to the international political economy.

  2. I style my hair regularly

  3. Wiring in good condition

  4. In order for a member to borrow money, three conditions must be met:

Synonyms of Condition

process, prime, get something into shape, season, make ready, precondition, constrain, rule, order, acclimate, build up, nourish, treat, provision, shape, temper, stipulation, improve, tone up, adjust, qualification


Meanings of Precedent:
  1. Past events or actions that serve as an example or a guide to further reflection in similar situations.

  2. Before time, order or importance.

Sentences of Precedent
  1. An important example of the use of interactive media in training.

Synonyms of Precedent

prior example, exemplar, previous example, prior instance, sometime, pattern, model, late, prior case, one-time, as was, example, previous case, erstwhile, previous instance