Condensed Financial Statement

Condensed Financial Statement,

What is The Definition of Condensed Financial Statement?

  1. A simple definition of Condensed Financial Statement is: Financial statistics for external reports showing only the most important types of information

Literal Meanings of Condensed Financial Statement


Meanings of Condensed:
  1. Denser or more compact, compressed or concentrated

  2. Convert from gas or steam to liquid.

Sentences of Condensed
  1. Zip version of the report

  2. Dense drops of moisture


Meanings of Financial:
  1. Financial or financial status of an organization or person.

  2. In terms of finances.

Sentences of Financial
  1. You need to be careful about your finances, especially cash flow.

  2. Independent financial advisor

Synonyms of Financial

money, commercial, banking, budgetary, accounting, investment, pecuniary, business, fiscal, monetary, economic


Meanings of Statement:
  1. Specific or explicit expression of something when speaking or writing.

Sentences of Statement
  1. Do you agree with this observation?

Synonyms of Statement

announcement, affirmation, assertion, utterance, communication, expression of views, expression of facts, declaration