Definition of Condemnation:

  1. The act of punishing someone.

  2. The decision was to confiscate private property for public use by the government. A prominent domain authorizes the government to appropriate private property. However, the government will have to pay compensation to the owner for confiscating the property. .

  3. A position held by a government or public entity that is not eligible for possession of a particular private property or recovered in order to advance a project of public interest must be recovered. This property can be condemned without the consent of the owner, but is usually confiscated with proper payment of compensation (see confiscation).

  4. Expressing strong criticism for not refusing.

  5. In the United States, state and federal governments have important property rights that allow them to denounce property and transfer private property to public property. Criminal justice institutions must be compensated (this text was taken from the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution) and fines must be applied for public purposes. If the owners find that the price offered does not adequately reflect their value, they can take the matter to court. .

Synonyms of Condemnation

Fustigation, Judgment, Action, Resolution, Indictment, Determination, Flaying, Excoriation, Ruling, Acquittal, Reprehension, Doom, Decrial, Damnation, Arraignment, Opprobrium, Award, Prognosis, Fulmination, Damnation, Pronouncement, Verdict, Diagnosis, Censure, Denunciation, Anathema, Reprobation, Denunciation, Order, Vilification, Consideration, Landmark decision, Dictum, Stricture, Impeachment, Finding, Decree, Pillorying, Criticism, Precedent, Castigation, Stricture, Sentence, Decision, Castigation, Skinning alive, Denouncement, Penalty, Blame, Censure, Deliverance

How to use Condemnation in a sentence?

  1. He was sentenced to life in prison at Newgate, and seems to have been thinking of escaping.
  2. A prominent domain is the right to seize government property and transfer it from private property to the public. .
  3. The government has an obligation to provide immovable property compensation to the offender. .
  4. The attack was strongly condemned internationally.
  5. The prominent domain is widely used to acquire property for projects such as roads, railways, airports, power lines and pipelines, but can also be used for intellectual property. .
  6. Punishment is a legal process in which the government confiscates ownership of a key plantation. .

Meaning of Condemnation & Condemnation Definition