Definition of Concrete:

  1. A heavy, rough building material made from a mixture of broken stone or gravel, sand, cement, and water, that can be spread or poured into molds and that forms a mass resembling stone on hardening.

  2. Form (something) into a mass; solidify.

  3. Cover (an area) with concrete.

  4. Building material in use since Roman times, made up of four main ingredients: coarse aggregate (gravel, usually between 0.5 to 1.5 inch in diameter), fine aggregate (sand, usually between 0.005 and 0.25 inch in diameter), Portland cement, and water. Air too plays an important part, and often special additives (called admixtures) are also added to improve or modify the concretes properties. Reinforced concrete is made by embedding steel rods in concrete that improve its tensile strength.

  5. Existing in a material or physical form; not abstract.

Synonyms of Concrete

Formica, Masonite, Tarmac, Tarvia, Absolute, Actual, Adamant, Adobe, Agglomerate, Agglomeration, Appreciable, Ashlar, Asphalt, Associate, Authentic, Bitumen, Bituminous macadam, Blacktop, Block, Body, Bona fide, Bone, Bony, Bracket, Breccia, Brick, Bricks and mortar, Bunch, Cake, Candy, Canvas, Carpet, Carpeting, Causeway, Cement, Cemental, Certain, Clabber, Clapboard, Clear-cut, Clinker, Close, Close-knit, Close-textured, Close-woven, Clot, Clump, Cluster, Coagulate, Coalesce, Cobble, Cobblestone, Combine, Compact, Compacted, Compound, Compressed, Concentrated, Concretion, Condense, Condensed, Congeal, Congested, Conglomerate, Conglomeration, Connect, Consolidated, Cork tile, Corneous, Couple, Covering materials, Crammed, Crammed full, Crowded, Crystallize, Curb, Curbing, Curbstone, Curd, Curdle, Defined, Definite, Definitive, Dense, Detailed, Determinate, Diamond, Diamondlike, Different, Distinct, Distinguished, Dry, Dure, Edgestone, Esoteric, Especial, Exceptional, Express, Extraordinary, Ferroconcrete, Fiber glass, Firebrick, Firm, Fixed, Flag, Flagging, Flagstone, Flint, Flintlike, Flinty, Floor, Flooring, Gel, Gelatinate, Gelatinize, Genuine, Gluey, Granite, Granitelike, Granitic, Granulate, Gravel, Grout, Hard, Hard as nails, Hardhearted, Heart of oak, Heavy, Horny, Impenetrable, Impermeable, Incrassate, Individual, Indurate, Inner, Inspissate, Intimate, Iron, Iron-hard, Ironlike, Jam-packed, Jammed, Jell, Jellify, Jelly, Kerb, Kerbstone, Knot, Lapideous, Lath and plaster, Link, Linoleum, Literal, Lithoid, Lithoidal, Lopper, Lump, Macadam, Marble, Marblelike, Masonry, Mass, Massive, Mastic, Material, Metal, Minute, Mortar, Nails, Node, Nonporous, Noteworthy, Oak, Obdurate, Osseous, Packed, Palpable, Pantile, Paper, Parget, Parquet, Particular, Pave, Pavement, Pavestone, Paving, Paving material, Paving stone, Pebble, Personal, Physical, Plaster, Plasterboard, Plasters, Plywood, Ponderable, Precise, Prestressed concrete, Private, Real, Realistic, Reliable, Resistant, Resistive, Respective, Road metal, Rock, Rocklike, Rocky, Roofage, Roofing, Roofing paper, Roughcast, Sensible, Serried, Set, Several, Shake, Sheathing board, Sheeting, Shingle, Siding, Singular, Slate, Solid, Solid body, Solidify, Solipsistic, Special, Specific, Spun glass, Steel, Steellike, Steely, Stone, Stonelike, Stony, Stucco, Substantial, Substantive, Take a set, Tangible, Tar, Tar paper, Tarmacadam, Thatch, Thick, Thick-growing, Thicken, Thickset, Tile, Tilestone, Tiling, Tough, Unite, Valid, Veneer, Viscid, Viscose, Viscous, Wainscoting, Wallboard, Walling, Wallpaper, Washboard, Weatherboard, Wood, Solid, Material, Real, Physical, Tangible, Touchable, Tactile, Palpable, Visible, Existing

How to use Concrete in a sentence?

  1. Even though it may not be the best looking a concrete structure is very sturdy and does a great job of holding a building in place.
  2. The juices of the plants are concreted upon the surface.
  3. Slabs of concrete.
  4. Concrete objects like stones.
  5. The use of concrete in construction was almost as old as the western world everything from houses to large office buildings had some amount of concrete in them.
  6. The precious English countryside may soon be concreted over.
  7. Many water dams throughout the world have been built using concrete . Without water dams, floods would occur more often, making life more difficult for humans.

Meaning of Concrete & Concrete Definition