Definition of Concourse:

  1. Airport terminal area where gates leading to aircraft are located.

  2. A crowd or assembly of people.

  3. A large open area inside or in front of a public building, as in an airport or train station.

Synonyms of Concourse

Throng, Horde, Mob, Rabble, Large number, Mass, Multitude, Host, Army, Herd, Flock, Drove, Swarm, Sea, Stream, Troupe, Pack, Press, Crush, Flood, Collection, Company, Gathering, Assembly, Assemblage, Array, Congregation, Convention, Concourse, Entrance, Foyer, Lobby, Hall, Accompaniment, Accordance, Affluence, Afflux, Affluxion, Agglomeration, Agglutination, Aggregation, Agreement, Alliance, Approach, Articulation, Assemblage, Assemblee, Assembly, Assignation, Association, Asymptote, At home, Ball, Bond, Bottleneck, Bracketing, Brawl, Cahoots, Call-up, Canvass, Caucus, Census, Clustering, Co-working, Coaction, Coincidence, Collaboration, Collection, Collectivity, Colligation, Collision course, Collocation, Colloquium, Collusion, Combination, Combined effort, Commission, Committee, Communication, Comparison, Concatenation, Concentralization, Concentration, Concert, Concerted action, Conclave, Concomitance, Concordance, Concurrence, Confluence, Conflux, Congeries, Conglomeration, Congregation, Congress, Conjugation, Conjunction, Connection, Consilience, Conspiracy, Conventicle, Convention, Convergence, Converging, Convocation, Cooperation, Copulation, Corralling, Correspondence, Council, Coupling, Course, Crosscurrent, Crossing, Current, Dance, Data-gathering, Date, Defluxion, Diet, Downflow, Downpour, Drift, Driftage, Eisteddfod, Festivity, Fete, Flow, Flowing, Fluency, Flux, Focalization, Focus, Forgathering, Forum, Funnel, Gathering, Get-together, Gush, Hookup, Housewarming, Hub, Inflow, Ingathering, Intercommunication, Intercourse, Interlinking, Inventory, Joinder, Joining, Jointure, Junction, Juxtaposition, Knotting, Levee, Liaison, Linkage, Linking, Marriage, Meet, Meeting, Merger, Merging, Mill run, Millrace, Mobilization, Muster, Mutual approach, Narrowing gap, Onrush, Onward course, Outflow, Pairing, Panel, Parasitism, Party, Plenum, Prom, Quorum, Race, Radius, Rally, Reception, Rendezvous, Rodeo, Roundup, Run, Rush, Saprophytism, Seance, Session, Set, Shindig, Simultaneity, Sit-in, Sitting, Soiree, Spate, Splice, Spokes, Stream, Surge, Survey, Symbiosis, Symposium, Synchronism, Synergy, Synod, Tangent, Tide, Tie, Tie-in, Tie-up, Trend, Turnout, Undercurrent, Undertow, Unification, Union, United action, Water flow, Yoking

How to use Concourse in a sentence?

  1. A vast concourse of learned men.
  2. The domestic arrivals concourse.

Meaning of Concourse & Concourse Definition