Definition of Conciliation:

  1. The practice of bringing together the parties in a dispute with an independent third party, so that the dispute can be settled through a series of negotiations.

  2. The action of stopping someone from being angry; placation.

Synonyms of Conciliation

Appeasement, Pacification, Peacemaking, Placation, Propitiation, Mollification, Reconciliation

How to use Conciliation in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes you may need to bring in a third party as a form of conciliation if things have got to heated between two groups.
  2. Sometimes if a negotiation goes array you may have to bring in a third party to help get a conciliation going to get the talks back on.
  3. I had to go the the company because I needed some conciliation in the process that would help both parties.
  4. He held his hands up in a gesture of conciliation.

Meaning of Conciliation & Conciliation Definition