Definition of Concession:

  1. Something that was given, especially in response to a question, something that was given.

  2. Commerce: Granting exclusive rights (e.g., sole seller of goods or services) to recipients through a government agency or to individual owners (eg airports, theme parks, hotels). The recipient, also known as the recipient, runs a business (such as a restaurant) and pays the recipient one percent of the rent or sales or revenue.

  3. A license, also called a sales license, is the compensation that a sales group receives under an agreement to purchase shares or bonds. Compensation is the difference between what the public pays for the protection of the public and what the issuing company receives from the sale based on individual shares or loans. Management fees, cell licenses and subscription fees are the difference between subscriptions.

  4. The right to use land or other property for a specific purpose given by the government, company or other regulatory body.

  5. Negotiation: The assignment of a position, privilege or privilege by one party which causes the other party to respond in the same way, grants equal status, rights or privileges.

  6. Bonus or preferential level given by the organization

  7. In the commercial district, there are other incentives for acquisition of assets, purchase of real estate and leasing of buildings and other properties.

Synonyms of Concession

Wholesale house, Vouchsafement, Recognition, Assuage, Warehouse, Compromise, Cop-out, Supermarket, Bargain, Penalty clause, Store, Diploma, Countinghouse, Hedging, Rebatement, Bank discount, Cash discount, Mutual concession, Investiture, Shrift, Acceptance, Royal grant, Variety shop, Drawback, Deduction, Boutique, Deliverance, Premium, Post, General store, Propitiate, Award, Discount store, Owning up, Penalty, Compromise, Discount house, Special case, Subscription, Restriction, Grain of salt, Write-off, Breakage, Supplying, Limitation, Circumscription, Trade discount, Special treatment, Specification, Wareroom, Granting, Mollify, Endowment, Settlement, Contribution, Persuade, Accommodation, Appreciation, Emporium, Shop, Tranquilize, Magasin, Extenuating circumstances, Privilege, Placate, Agio, Acknowledgment, Arrangement, Right, Owning, Mental reservation, Reduction, Calm, Setoff, Favour, House, Percentage, Rebate, Composition, Grant, Refund, Tare, Adjustment, Unbosoming, Qualification, Waiver, Co-op, Presentment, Bestowal, Surrender, Understanding, Offer, Country store, Salvo, Presentation, Franchise, Sweeten, Charge-off, Liberty, Exception, Market, Price-cut, Exemption, Intervene, Bestowment, Underselling, Time discount, Tret, Depreciation, Lean, Price reduction, Give-and-take, Chain discount, Salvage, Liberality, Prevail, Kickback, Quiet, Giving way, Adjustment, Abatement, Desertion of principle, Confession, Profession, Establishment, Impartation, Reservation, Salon, Awarding, Rollback, Abatement of differences, Modification, Retail store, Avowal, Specialness, Accordance, Discount, Department store, Gifting, Conferment, Mart, Conciliate, Cession, Mediate, Trading post, Furnishment, Cooperative, Conferral, Cut, Hedge, Brevet, Five-and-ten, Evasion of responsibility, Declaration, Variety store, Communication, Charter, Letters patent, Deal, Soothe, Modification, Admission, Donation, Impartment, Provision, Dime store, Mail-order house, Patent, Delivery, Yielding, Appease, Chain store, Giving, Rite of confession, Allowance

How to use Concession in a sentence?

  1. Another type of discount is the real estate discount, which is an agreement between the buyer and the seller to adjust the prices or other terms of sale based on the new terms. B. Home inspections that show needs. Expensive repairs.
  2. New forest concessions.
  3. Governments, companies and individuals can provide allowances to suppliers to provide access to real estate or buildings for business purposes.
  4. The seller gives the buyer the benefit that the washer, dryer and water heater will be repaired by the seller within 15 days after the termination of the contract.
  5. An underwriter is usually an investment bank that risks trading and distributing new issue shares in a publicly held company.
  6. International diplomats benefit from diplomatic immunity so that they can carry out their international duties without interference.
  7. Tax benefits
  8. The strikers returned to work after several concessions.
  9. In the financial sector, concession refers to the compensation received for the sale of shares or bonds of an insurance company.
  10. The companies are happy to get small concessions, until the contract talks end abruptly.

Meaning of Concession & Concession Definition