Definition of Concession:

  1. A thing that is granted, especially in response to demands; a thing conceded.

  2. Commerce: Grant of exclusive privileges (such as to be the only seller of a good or service) by a government authority or by the owner of a singular property (such as an airport, amusement park, hotel) to a grantee. Also called a concessionaire, the grantee carries out a commercial undertaking (such as a restaurant), and pays a rent or a certain percentage of the sales or earnings to the grantor.

  3. A concession—also known as a selling concession—is the compensation a selling group receives as part of a stock or bond underwriting agreement. The calculation of compensation is the difference between what the public pays for the securities and what the issuing company receives from the sale based on a per-share or a per-bond basis. Included in the underwriting spread is the management fee, selling concession, and underwriter's compensation.

  4. The right to use land or other property for a specified purpose, granted by a government, company, or other controlling body.

  5. Negotiations: Yielding of a position, privilege, or right, by a party to induce the another party to respond similarly by yielding an equivalent position, right, or privilege.

  6. A preferential allowance or rate given by an organization.

  7. In business, other types of concessions exist for the acquisition of assets, the purchase of real estate, and the leasing of buildings and other property.

Synonyms of Concession

Compromise, Adjustment, Modification, Abatement, Abatement of differences, Acceptance, Accommodation, Accordance, Acknowledgment, Adjustment, Admission, Agio, Allowance, Appease, Appreciation, Arrangement, Assuage, Avowal, Award, Awarding, Bank discount, Bargain, Bestowal, Bestowment, Boutique, Breakage, Brevet, Calm, Cash discount, Cession, Chain discount, Chain store, Charge-off, Charter, Circumscription, Co-op, Communication, Composition, Compromise, Conciliate, Conferment, Conferral, Confession, Contribution, Cooperative, Cop-out, Countinghouse, Country store, Cut, Deal, Declaration, Deduction, Deliverance, Delivery, Department store, Depreciation, Desertion of principle, Dime store, Diploma, Discount, Discount house, Discount store, Donation, Drawback, Emporium, Endowment, Establishment, Evasion of responsibility, Exception, Exemption, Extenuating circumstances, Five-and-ten, Franchise, Furnishment, General store, Gifting, Give-and-take, Giving, Giving way, Grain of salt, Grant, Granting, Hedge, Hedging, House, Impartation, Impartment, Intervene, Investiture, Kickback, Lean, Letters patent, Liberality, Liberty, Limitation, Magasin, Mail-order house, Market, Mart, Mediate, Mental reservation, Modification, Mollify, Mutual concession, Offer, Owning, Owning up, Patent, Penalty, Penalty clause, Percentage, Persuade, Placate, Post, Premium, Presentation, Presentment, Prevail, Price reduction, Price-cut, Profession, Propitiate, Provision, Qualification, Quiet, Rebate, Rebatement, Recognition, Reduction, Refund, Reservation, Restriction, Retail store, Rite of confession, Rollback, Royal grant, Salon, Salvage, Salvo, Setoff, Settlement, Shop, Shrift, Soothe, Special case, Special treatment, Specialness, Specification, Store, Subscription, Supermarket, Supplying, Surrender, Sweeten, Tare, Time discount, Trade discount, Trading post, Tranquilize, Tret, Unbosoming, Underselling, Understanding, Variety shop, Variety store, Vouchsafement, Waiver, Warehouse, Wareroom, Wholesale house, Write-off, Yielding, Right, Privilege, Favour

How to use Concession in a sentence?

  1. Another type of concession is a real estate concession, which is an agreement between a buyer and a seller to adjust the price or other terms of the sale based on a new condition, such as a home inspection that reveals the need for costly repairs.
  2. New logging concessions.
  3. Governments, corporations, and individuals can grant vendors concessions to allow access to property or buildings for the purpose of running a business.
  4. The selling party made a concession to the buyer stating that the washer, dryer, and water heater would be repaired by the selling party within 15 days of closing of the contract.
  5. The underwriter is generally an investment bank that assumes the risk of marketing and distributing the shares of a new issue for a publicly traded company.
  6. International diplomats are given the concession of diplomatic immunity so that they are able to do their international duties without interruption.
  7. Tax concessions.
  8. The strikers returned to work having won some concessions.
  9. In finance, a concession refers to the compensation an underwriter receives for managing the sale of stocks or bonds for a company.
  10. The company was happy to make the minor concession as long it ensured that the contract negotiations would come to an abrupt end.

Meaning of Concession & Concession Definition