Definition of Concerning:

  1. The term refers to increased anxiety or distress. For example, the issue of recurring manufacturing is a concern of many parties, including consumers.

  2. This creates a risk of trouble.

  3. With or in connection with For example, a computer conference can have a lot of projects and presentations on new technologies and important milestones in the field.

  4. at most

Synonyms of Concerning

With regard to, On, Relating to, Regarding, In regard to, Relative to, Harassing, Nerve-racking, In the matter of, Relating to, Upon, As to, Harrowing, In re, Referring to, Unsettling, Trying, Perturbing, Bothersome, Re, Harrying, Of, In reference to, Re, Alarming, Taxing, Pertinent to, With regard to, With respect to, Relevant to, Concerning, As regards, As respects, Apropos of, Speaking of, In connection with, Regarding, In point of, Respecting, Touching, In connection with, Daunting, With respect to, In relation with, About, To do with, With reference to, As regards, In respect to, Touching on, In relation to, As to, Against, Anent, As for, Troublesome, Respecting, About, On the subject of, Apropos of, Niggling, Referring to, Vexatious, Worrisome, Pertaining to

How to use Concerning in a sentence?

  1. I find many comments very disturbing.
  2. Horrible stories about horrible beasts.

Meaning of Concerning & Concerning Definition