Definition of Computing:

  1. The use or operation of computers.

  2. The process of utilizing computer technology to complete a task. Computing may involve computer hardware and/or software, but must involve some form of a computer system. Most individuals use some form of computing every day whether they realize it or not. Swiping a debit card, sending an email, or using a cell phone can all be considered forms of computing. Mason understood that his new job at the large IT firm would require a large portion of computing projects..

Synonyms of Computing

EDP, Analyzing, Calculating, Classifying, Collating, Computational, Computative, Computer technology, Computer typesetting, Data processing, Data retrieval, Electronic data processing, Enumerative, Estimating, Estimative, High-speed data handling, Machine computation, Numerative, Quantifying, Reporting, Scanning, Sorting, Statistical

How to use Computing in a sentence?

  1. You must be good at the process of computing so that you can keep up in todays hi tech world that we live in.
  2. You should try and be as good at any computing device as you can so that you can get your work done very quickly.
  3. Developments in mathematics and computing.
  4. The laptop was computing for a long time before the gamer actually started and that made me a bit agitated cause it was new.

Meaning of Computing & Computing Definition

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