Computer Worm

Computer Worm,

How Do You Define Computer Worm?

  1. Computer Worm means, In self-made, self-promoting, and independent programs that use the method of network expansion. Unlike computer viruses, human intervention is not required for the spread of worms. You will see: Doomsday's Pure Kauser in reproduction, according to international dial resources and on memory, Ionsen Dean Coordinator, Russia's passing band, in the delivery of files or in the impossible offer. A document by email.

Literal Meanings of Computer Worm


Meanings of Computer:
  1. An electronic device for storing and processing data, usually in binary format, according to the instructions in the variable program.

Sentences of Computer
  1. The law was created to prosecute those who break into computers and steal information.


Meanings of Worm:
  1. Difficulty in moving due to crawling or slipping.

  2. Show me your way

  3. Treat (animals) with preparations designed to repel parasitic worms.

  4. Wrap a small rope between the wires (smooth).

  5. Any invertebrate that crawls or is buried with a long, thin, smooth, hollow body

  6. A weak or incompetent person (used as a common expression of insult)

  7. Helical device or component.

  8. Self-replicating programs that can spread across a network often have a detrimental effect on them.

  9. Type Red Mini once, which is your computer's storage device type.

Sentences of Worm
  1. I crossed the roadside ditch

  2. Educated brokers then find their way to the stock exchange

  3. I fixed them for three weeks

  4. For many years, only animals such as insects, lizards, and mosquito larvae survived.

  5. This will help identify and remove invading viruses, worms, trojans and other malware.

Synonyms of Worm

sneak into, worm one's way, penetrate, creep into, move on all fours, slip into, wriggle, insinuate oneself, crawl, writhe, squirm, intrude on, pull oneself, impinge on, move on hands and knees, slither, worm one's way into, edge, trespass on, inch, invade, slide, butt into, insinuate oneself into, worm