Definition of Comps:

  1. Compensation.

  2. A computer.

  3. The term comps (short for comparables) carries different meanings depending on the industry and context, but entails a comparison of financial metrics and other factors to quantify performance or determine valuation.

  4. A compositor.

  5. A musical accompaniment.

  6. Play music as an accompaniment, especially in jazz or blues.

  7. A competition.

  8. In retail, it refers to a company's same-store sales compared to the previous year or a similar store. Similarly, in financial analysis, comps is short for 'comparable company analysis,' which is a relative value technique used to assign a value to a business based on the valuation metrics of a peer. In real estate, comps are used in assigning a value to a property by comparing it to similar, neighboring properties. While similar, real estate comps are different than appraisals.

  9. Short for composite.

  10. Complimentary; free.

  11. A compilation.

  12. A composition.

  13. Give (something) away free, especially as part of a promotion.

  14. When a company compares revenue and expenses from the current year to revenue and expenses from a prior year to project future sales margins.

  15. A comprehensive school.

  16. A complimentary ticket or voucher.

Synonyms of Comps

Backing, Support, Background, Soundtrack, Comp, Recompense, Repayment, Payment, Reimbursement, Remuneration, Requital, Indemnification, Indemnity, Redress, Satisfaction, Free, Free of charge, Gratis, For nothing, Voucher, Token, Ticket, Document, Certificate, Carnet

How to use Comps in a sentence?

  1. Comps are valuable metrics used by retailers to identify the profitability of a current store.
  2. Not including new stores in comps removes extraneous factors, such as grand opening promotions, that may skew results.

Meaning of Comps & Comps Definition