Definition of Compression:

  1. An external force (tension) that tends to crush matter, hold particles together, and shorten the dimensions in the direction of its action.

  2. Alternative term for data compression.

  3. Compression or compression measures.

  4. Reorganization method in which a branch joins two or more departments together, which usually leads to spraying.

Synonyms of Compression

Concentration, Narrowing, Agglutination, Stricture, Concretion, Knitting, Clumping, Stress, Crush, Hourglass, Recapitulation, Clustering, Clamping down, Contraction, Ellipsis, Puckering, Contracture, Densification, Physical force, Recap, Conspectus, Squeezing, Clamping, Load, Truncation, Compressure, Foreshortening, Telescoping, Precis, Isthmus, Summary, Pinch, Apocope, Solidification, Squeeze, Neck, Hourglass figure, Tightening, Decrease, Condensation, Epitome, Retrenchment, Hardening, Thrust, Coarctation, Pressure, Tweak, Force, Astringency, Pursing, Circumscription, Abstract, Reduction, Diminuendo, Wrinkling, Compaction, Abbreviation, Syncope, Nip, Striction, Strangulation, Wasp waist, Elision, Cervix, Press, Systole, Stranglement, Constringency, Curtailment, Consolidation, Astriction, Synopsis, Summation, Compactedness, Constriction, Narrow place, Abridgment, Bottleneck, Shortening

How to use Compression in a sentence?

  1. Often, after a broken leg, patients are recommended compression stockings to help with blood flow during rehabilitation.
  2. Lasers data compression is used for data that should not be changed, not even the smallest.
  3. It is recommended that files containing large amounts of data be in compressed format before sending over the Internet.
  4. The vehicle was under so much pressure from the impact that its length was reduced to less than 20%.

Meaning of Compression & Compression Definition

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