Definition of Compression:

  1. External force (stress) that tends to crush a material, squeezing its particles closer and shortening the dimension in the direction of its action.

  2. Alternative term for data compression.

  3. The action of compressing or being compressed.

  4. Reorganization method in which a management combines two or more departments into one, resulting usually in layoffs.

Synonyms of Compression

Force, Physical force, Load, Stress, Thrust, Abbreviation, Abridgment, Abstract, Agglutination, Apocope, Astriction, Astringency, Bottleneck, Cervix, Circumscription, Clamping, Clamping down, Clumping, Clustering, Coarctation, Compactedness, Compaction, Compressure, Concentration, Concretion, Condensation, Consolidation, Conspectus, Constriction, Constringency, Contraction, Contracture, Crush, Curtailment, Decrease, Densification, Diminuendo, Elision, Ellipsis, Epitome, Foreshortening, Hardening, Hourglass, Hourglass figure, Isthmus, Knitting, Narrow place, Narrowing, Neck, Nip, Pinch, Precis, Press, Pressure, Puckering, Pursing, Recap, Recapitulation, Reduction, Retrenchment, Shortening, Solidification, Squeeze, Squeezing, Stranglement, Strangulation, Striction, Stricture, Summary, Summation, Syncope, Synopsis, Systole, Telescoping, Tightening, Truncation, Tweak, Wasp waist, Wrinkling

How to use Compression in a sentence?

  1. Often times, after experiencing a broken leg, a patient is prescribed a compression stocking to assist with circulation during recovery.
  2. Lossless data compression is used for data that must not be changed even a single bit.
  3. It is recommend to have files with large data to be in compression mode before being sent over the internet.
  4. The vehicle was subjected to such compression during the head-on collision that its length decreased by upwards of twenty percent.

Meaning of Compression & Compression Definition